Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods

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Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods
The cover of the first edition.
Author Suzanne Collins
Country United States
Language English
Series The Underland Chronicles
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Scholastic
Publication date
1 July 2005
Pages 356 pp
ISBN 0-439-65623-0
OCLC 56686615
LC Class PZ7.C6837 Gp 2005
Preceded by Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane
Followed by Gregor and the Marks of Secret

Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods is an epic fantasy novel, and the third book in The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins.

Plot summary[edit]

Gregor still has the scroll given to him by Nerissa, on which is written the Prophecy of Blood. A message arrives from Vikus saying the "Curse of the Warmbloods is upon us." Gregor and his father travel to an entrance to the Underland and met Ripred, who informs him that the Curse is a plague scouring the Underland, and that all warmbloods have united in order to find a cure. Gregor wavers, protesting that his mother may not let him and Boots go, but Ripred tells him his own bond, Ares, has the plague, and that if his mother does not comply, the gnawers (rats) will send an escort.

Back at their apartment, Gregor's mother does indeed not let them go, but the escort arrives in the form of hundreds of normal-sized gnawers in the walls. Overwhelmed, his mother agrees on the condition that she accompany them (her first visit to the Underland). Meeting the bat Nike, daughter of Queen Athena, they fly to Regalia, where delegations of crawlers (cockroaches), gnawers, fliers (bats), and humans (killers) have gathered. The humans inform the other species that there is a cure for the plague, starshade, to be found deep in the Vineyard of Eyes. The gnawers agree to help on the condition that they be sent the yellow powder used to keep the plague-carrying fleas away. A flier arrives in from the Dead Lands, plague ridden, and fleas force the audience to retreat. In the chaos, Gregor's mother is bitten.

Gregor and Boots, along with Ripred, Nike, Temp, Solovet, and two gnawers named Lapblood and Mange, agree to journey to the Vineyard of Eyes. Entering the jungles, they are greeted by Hamnet, Luxa's long lost uncle, his Halflander son Hazard (half Overlander, half Underlander), and a lizard, Frill. Hamnet agrees to be a guide, but only if Solovet stays behind. The pack enter the jungle and endure several trials, such as flesh eating plants, which kill Mange, and quicksand, before finally meeting Luxa and Aurora, who had been hiding with the nibblers (mice) the whole time.

They arrive at the Vineyard of Eyes, but cutters (ants) destroy the field of starshade and kill Hamnet and Frill, leaving no hope of a cure. Then Temp says offhandedly, "unless this be, not the cradle, unless this be," once more raising their hopes. Gregor realizes that Ares did not contract the plague from the mites, as thought, but in a laboratory, which leads him to conclude that the plague was invented by the humans. Luxa is horrified, but Ripred thinks it fits and orders that the first cures be sent to the gnawers. The plague was actually ordered by Solovet, Regent of Regalia and wife of Vikus, as a military weapon for killing.

Back in Regalia, they have developed a cure, and Luxa exposes the project. Nerissa reveals to Gregor that if the quest had not happened, the plague cure would never have been given to the gnawers, so their journey did have a purpose. Gregor's mother cannot return to the surface without risking carrying the plague to the Overland, and the book ends with Gregor confiding in Mrs. Cormaci in order to enlist her help.

The Prophecy of Blood[edit]

Warmblood now a bloodborne death,
Will rob your body of its breath,
Mark your skin, and seal your fate.
The Underland becomes a plate.

Turn and turn and turn again.
You see the what but not the when.
Remedy and wrong entwine,
And so they form a single vine.

Bring the warrior from above
If yet his heart is swayed by love.
Bring the princess or despair,
No crawlers care without her there.

Turn and turn and turn again.
You see the what but not the when.
Remedy and wrong entwine,
And so they form a single vine.

Those whose blood runs red and hot
Must join to seek the healing spot.
In the cradle find the cure
For that which makes the blood impure.

Turn and turn and turn again.
You see the what but not the when.
Remedy and wrong entwine,
And so they form a single vine.

Gnawer, human, set aside
The hatreds that reside inside.
If the flames of war are fanned,
All Warmbloods lose the Underland.

Turn and turn and turn again.
You see the what but not the when.
Remedy and wrong entwine,
And so they form a single vine.


The book received positive reviews, but was criticized for being slower paced than the previous books.