Gregorio Gutiérrez González

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Gregorio Gutiérrez González (1826–1872) was a Colombian poet. He was a son of José Ignacio Guriérrez y Arango and Inés González y Villegas.[1] He was born on 9 may 1826 in La Ceja del Tambo. He learned at schools in Antioquia and Medellín. Then he studied philosophy and law in Bogota. In 1847 he got doctor degree and was admitted to the bar. He married Juliana Isaza Ruiz who was a sister of the bishop of Bogota, José Joaquín Isaza. He had many children. Gregorio Gutiérrez González died on 6 july 1873. His most important work is an epic poem Memoria científica sobre el cultivo del Maíz en Antioquia (Memorial on the cultivation of maize in Antioquia).[2]


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