Gregorio II Boncompagni

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Gregorio II Boncompagni (7 July 1642 – 1 January 1707) was an Italian nobleman and the 5th Duke of Sora. He was the grand-nephew of Pope Gregory XIII

He married Giustina Gallio (29 October 1644 – 21 July 1679) and then, when she died, he married Ippolita Ludovisi on 19 October 1681.[1] The Boncompagni-Ludovisi union lasted until the French Revolution and included the development of the Archivio Boncompagni-Ludovisi held by The Vatican.[2]

Gregorio and Ippolita had six children:

  • Hugo (1684–1686) died young
  • Maria Eleonora (1686–1745), Princess of Piombino, married Antonio Boncompagni
  • Constance (1687–1768), married Vincenzo Giustiniani, Prince of Bassano
  • Maria Teresa (1692–1744), married Urbano Barberini, Prince of Palestrina
  • Giulia (1695–1751), married Marco Ottoboni, Duke of Fiano
  • Anna Maria (1696–1752), married Gian Vincenzo Salviati, Duke of Giuliano


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