Gregory Richards

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For other people named Greg Richards, see Greg Richards (disambiguation).
Gregory Richards
Sunset Beach character
Portrayed by Sam Behrens
Duration 1997–99
First appearance January 6, 1997
Last appearance December 31, 1999
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Gary Tomlin, Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Lawyer
Shareholder in various buildings
Residence Sunset Beach, California

Gregory Richards is a fictional character in the US soap opera Sunset Beach, portrayed by American actor Sam Behrens during the show's entire run.

Character history[edit]

A rich and powerful attorney Gregory Richards always had what he wanted. A perfect job, a perfect family. Yet, everything was actually wrong. His wife Olivia was cheating on him with his enemy Del Douglas and was almost always drunk. His kids, Caitlin and Sean both fell in love with people that Gregory hated. While doing everything in his best interest, Gregory did his best to either scare of kill his daughter's boyfriend Cole Deschanel and remove his son's runaway girlfriend Tiffany. Yet, his children always seemed to be on the other side, trying to make their lives better without their father's influence. They always blamed their father for the sadness in their life.

Although he couldn't convince his kids to leave their loved ones, at least Gregory was happy when his wife got pregnant. Things were great, but Gregory didn't know that Olivia didn't know who was the father of the baby. When his daughter miscarried during a car accident, she asked Annie Douglas Richards to help her find a baby, and Annie plotted to take away Olivia's child and present it as Caitlin's. Gregory was hurt when Olivia told him that their baby was born dead, and their marriage was soon over. Then during the summer of 1998, Annie plotted her way to Gregory and they tied the knot on the day that Annie could have lost her father's money. Of course, Annie and Gregory's marriage was everything but perfect. Annie was always plotting to get what she wanted, and Gregory had other stuff to concern about. He never stopped trying to remove Cole from his daughter's life. His son had already forgotten about his father because he never did anything for him. Gregory and the rest of the family was shocked when the truth about Trey's real mother and Olivia's affair was discovered.

At the beginning of 1999, Francesca Vargas was murdered and half of the citizens were suspects of the crime. But actually, Gregory was the person that killed Francesca. After having a huge fight with Cole, Gregory fell into the ocean and was never found. However, he came onto shore a day later and decided to play with the minds of his loved ones. He pretended to be Tobias Richards, Gregory's relative, and messed with everyone's mind. He was eventually caught by Jude Cavanaugh, who pretended to be his accomplice, but was actually an agent working on capturing Tobias and proving that he's Gregory.