Gregory of Benevento

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Solidus of Gregory
D N I– –NVS P P, crowned and draped facing bust, holding globus cruciger VICTOR VGYS (S retrograde) (star), cross potent on three steps; G in left field; in exergue CONOB.
AV solidus, 4,02 g

Gregory (died 739/740) was a nephew of King Liutprand of the Lombards, who appointed him Duke of Benevento in 733[1] or thereabouts after removing both the usurper Audelais and the minor Gisulf II. He governed the "people of the Samnites," as Paul the Deacon calls the Beneventans, for seven years.

He was married to Giselperga.



  1. ^ The Lexikon is riddled with errors in its account of this duke. It places his succession in 724, which is certainly false, and it gives his death as 741, which is more plausible.

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