Gregory of Spoleto

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Saint Gregory of Spoleto
Born3rd century
Died(304-12-24)December 24, 304
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
FeastDecember 24

Saint Gregory of Spoleto was a priest and martyr of the city of Spoleto, Italy. After a lengthy period of torture, he was beheaded under the order of Diocletian on December 24, 304. According to pious tradition, after his death his remains were to be fed to the wild animals kept for public games. However, a Christian woman (whose name is not known) bought them back for a considerable sum of money and had them properly prepared for burial. At the request of the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I, Gregory's body was sent to Cologne, Germany with the relics of Saints Felix and Nabor. In 993, some of Gregory's relics were transferred to the cathedral in Trier, France by the bishop, Egbert.

His feast day is listed in the Roman Martyrology as December 24, but he is also commemorated on other days in different locations. For example, his feast is kept on December 23 in Cologne, December 22 in Spoleto, and January 2 in Trier.