Greig Street Bridge

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View of bridge with the Free North Church of Scotland in the background

Greig Street Bridge is a footbridge across the River Ness located in Inverness, Scotland. It is a suspension bridge built in 1880–1 by the civil engineer C. Manners in conjunction with the Rose Street Foundry for a cost of £1,400.[1]

It is composed of two side spans of 20.4 metres (67 ft) and a central span of 61.3 metres (201 ft).[2] The bridge has warren trusses with an additional railing for pedestrian safety.[2] The cables were replaced in 1952, as were the anchorages in 1989.[2]


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Coordinates: 57°28′45″N 4°13′47″W / 57.4791°N 4.2298°W / 57.4791; -4.2298