Grenada–Japan relations

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Grenadian-Japanese relations
Map indicating locations of Grenada and Japan



Grenada–Japan relations are formal diplomatic relations between Grenada and Japan. Japan and Grenada established full diplomatic relations in April 1975.[1] Grenada and Japan don't have their own embassies in the two countries. The Japanese embassy for Grenada is in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.[2]

Bilateral relations[edit]

Bilateral relations between Grenada and Japan have been strengthened over the years by many visits, including the visit to Japan in 1976 of Eric Gairy, former Prime Minister of Grenada.[3] There are two Japanese people living in Grenada.[4] In 2009, the Japanese Government granted aid for fisheries in Grenada, to build a fisheries center in Gouyave. This fisheries center will include a fish market, ice-machines, cold facilities, processing facility, Jetty, and an Antenna Tower. This cost 1,170 million Japanese Yen (US$15 million) and was completed in 2011.[5]

Bilateral agreements[edit]

Date Agreement name Law ref. number Note
16 August 2000 Grant Agreement[6]


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