Grenada–South Korea relations

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Grenada – South Korea relations
Map indicating locations of Grenada and South Korea


South Korea

Grenada–South Korea relations are bilateral relations with current diplomatic relationships between Grenada and the Republic of Korea. The relationship between Grenada and the Republic of Korea were first formally established by diplomatic relations from 1 August 1974,[1] until March 1975.[2] Their bilateral relations were frozen for over eight years. During part of that time, Grenada and North Korea had full diplomatic relations from May 1979,[3] until January 1985.[4] The relationship with Grenada and the Republic of Korea resumed diplomatic relations in May 1984.[5]


In 1990, the South Korean government lifted the visa requirements on Grenadian visitors.[6]

In December 2011, the South Korean government provide financial and technical aid for the coastal and marine management initiative in Grenada and this is a 13-month project, which is valued at $470,000 United States Dollar. The Korean funded initiative is titled, Research Project on the South and South East Coast of Grenada.[7]

As of 2012, the South Korean embassy for Grenada is in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.[8]

Bilateral agreements[edit]

Date Agreement name Law ref. number Note
January 1999 Exchange of Note on Visa Waiver[9]