Grenada–United Kingdom relations

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Grenadian – British relations
Map indicating locations of Grenada and United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Grenadian–British relations are foreign relations between Grenada and the United Kingdom. Grenada has a high commission in London. The United Kingdom has a high commission in Barbados, but Grenada has an Honorary Consul. Both countries are full members of the Commonwealth of Nations.


As Commonwealth realms, the two countries share a monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and both are active members of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the African, Caribbean and PacificEU's Joint Parliamentary Assembly.


The British-based telecommunications company Cable and Wireless, (since re-branded as Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment LIME), is the incumbent telephone service provider for the entire country of Grenada.[citation needed]


To Grenada[edit]

A poll conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) found that there were roughly 2,500 persons identified as British citizens living abroad in Grenada.[1]

To the United Kingdom[edit]

In the 2001 UK Census showed over 9,783 Grenadian born people residing in the United Kingdom.[2]


On January 20, 2012, Grenada held the 7th UK-Caribbean Forum at the Grenadian By Rex Resort. The main agenda of this meeting was establishing priority areas for cooperation, discussing key areas of concern and proposing mechanisms to facilitate greater collaboration.[3] The United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary, the Hon. William Hague attend to the meeting.

Bilateral agreements[edit]

Date Agreement name Law ref. number Note
2007 & 2011 Air Traffic Services Agreement[4] It was reviewed in 2011

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