Grenadians in the United Kingdom

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Grenadians in the United Kingdom
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Total population
9,783 Grenadian-born (2001)[1] *
Over 0.01% of the UK's population
30,000 (Grenadian ancestry, 2010)[2]
English (British English, Grenadian Creole)
French Patois
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Black Grenadian
British African-Caribbean community
Caribbean British · Black British · Black African
Mulatto · Indo-Caribbean

* Please note that in 2001 only 40.4% of Afro-Caribbeans in the UK were actually born in the Caribbean, 59.6% were born elsewhere (of which 57.9% of the total ethnic groups population was born in the UK)[3]
Grenadian Britons
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Grenadians in the United Kingdom are citizens or residents of the United Kingdom whose ethnic origins lie fully or partially in Grenada. 9,783 Grenadian-born people were recorded by the 2001 UK Census.[1]

Notable people[edit]

The following is an incomplete list of notable UK residents of Grenadian heritage:

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