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Grenadier (manga) Vol 2.jpg
Front cover of Grenadier Vol. 2
Genre Action, Adventure
Written by Sōsuke Kaise
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace
Original run 20032006
Volumes 7
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroshi Kōjina
Produced by Toyoo Ashida, Hitoshi Kawamura, Yutaka Ohashi
Written by Akira Okeya
Music by Yasunori Iwasaki
Studio Group TAC, Studio Live
Licensed by
Original network WOWOW
Original run October 14, 2004January 13, 2005
Episodes 12
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Grenadier (Japanese: グレネーダー?, Hepburn: Gurenēdā) is a manga series written and illustrated by Sōsuke Kaise, published in Kadokawa Shoten's Shōnen Ace in 2003. The manga was licensed in Taiwan by Ever Glory Publishing.[1]

The manga was adapted into an animated television series in 2004. The anime series aired on WOWOW from October 14, 2004 to January 13, 2005, totaling twelve episodes.


Grenadier follows the travels of the buxom and beautiful Rushuna Tendō, an expert senshi, and the samurai Yajirō Kojima, a mercenary swordsman. A Senshi or "Enlightened" is one who is skilled to some degree in the use of guns. The series begins with Yajirō and a small army of samurai launching a frontal assault against a fort in an attempt to free their lord, which was taken over by a group of gunners. The assault fails.

Yajirō orders a retreat, but is spotted by the enemy and chased to a small cliff, which he jumps off of to escape. With his pursuers still following, he follows a nearby hot-water stream upcurrent where he finds Rushuna bathing in a hot spring. She seems undisturbed by his presence or her own nudity and hides him in the hot spring with her ample breasts as cover until the enemy passes them by. After this, she introduces herself as a traveler and reveals the ultimate battle strategy to Yajirō; to avoid battle by removing an enemy's will to fight.

Hearing the gunfire of the renewed assault upon the fort, Yajirō leaves Rushuna to rejoin combat. He arrives in time to see the leader of the gunners use a Gatling gun to decimate the samurai. Rushuna also arrives at this point and shows her considerable gun talent and effectively ends the battle by defeating the lead gunner and rescuing the lord by herself.

Something in him changing, Yajirō decides to become Rushuna's partner and travel with her.

During their travels, Rushuna and Yajirō face a mysterious masked figure known only as "The Jester" who is responsible for a weapon called "Enlightened Evil". Then they discover that Tenshi, who sent Rushuna to travel in order to learn the "Ultimate Battle Strategy", had apparently put a price on her head. Joined by a young girl named Mikan Kurenai, a balloon maker, Rushuna and Yajirō make their way to the capital of Tento. Along the way they overcome many of the Juttensen, Tenshi's elite personal bodyguard.

When the three reach Tento they discover the truth and the final showdown against the Jester begins.


Rushuna Tendō is a senshi was trained in the positive teachings and kind ideals of Tenshi. A former pre-Juttensen candidate, she is trained in the use of a revolver, specializing in shooting to disable rather than to kill.

Yajirō Kojima is a swordsman also known as the "Rearguard Tiger" or "Tiger of the Rearguard", who battles in an attempt to bring about world unity.

Mikan Kurenai is an orphaned girl who comes from a family of balloon makers. Despite her young age, she is a master balloon artist, being able to construct balloons of all shapes and sizes.



Grenadier ~The Senshi of Smiles~ (グレネーダー 〜ほほえみの閃士〜?, Gurenēdā ~Hohoemi no Senshi) was adapted by Studio Live into an anime television series comprising 12 episodes. It began airing on WOWOW from October 14, 2004 till January 13, 2005.

The opening theme is "Kohaku" and ending theme is "Kanashimi ni Makenaide" (悲しみに負けないで?) by Mikuni Shimokawa. When the series was later re-broadcast, opening and ending themes were replaced with "Akatsuki no Sora wo Kakeru" (暁ノ空ヲ翔ル?) and "Hana no Youni" (花のように?) by Hiromi Sato.

# Title Original air date
01 "The Smiling Senshi"
The anime starts with a scene of war: samurai (swordsmen) vs senshi (people that use guns). More than half of the swordsmen get killed. Yajirō Kojima, the leader of the attack orders the retreat while trying to get the senshi attention to facilitate the others escape. While running he`s cornered and injured, then he hides in a hot spring where he meets Rushuna Tendō who claims to be just an ordinary traveler. She saves him from getting caught by the other senshi, then he departs while warning her that this road is dangerous. The second attack over taking back the castle fails as well. Rushuna appears again and saves Yajiro from getting shot then shots the others, revealing that she is a senshi, a very skilled one. She manages to save the master without killing anyone, as she was taught by a woman revealed at the end of the episode. 
02 "Rushuna under Attack"
03 "Enlightened Evil"
04 "The Town that does not Smile"
05 "Explosion! Kensousen, Kurenai Touka"
(爆裂!拳槍閃. 紅桃華) 
06 "Balloonist, Mikan's Revenge"
(風船使い みかんの仇討ち) 
07 "Destination Tento"
08 "An Enemy from the Past, Teppa Aizen"
09 "When the Wind Flowers dance"
10 "Entering Tento"
11 "Showdown With Tenshi"
12 "Things Learned on the Road"


"If you prefer your action stories free of humor and completely serious then this series isn't for you. But if you like the idea of a skimpily-clad lead female character who reloads her revolver by bouncing six bullets out of her cleavage and loading them into her gun in midair then you should check out this title." — Matthew Alexander, Mania.[2]
"Yes, Rushuna is eye-candy and there are plenty of upskirt shots to keep most otaku happy, but she's also a complete badass with a gun. Hopefully future volumes will develop her character more so this isn't all we have to judge her on." — A. E. Sparrow, IGN.[3]
"The character of Yajiro is a refreshing change from the typical male sidekick seen in this genre. Rushuna's character is not quite as appealing at the start, but her ties to the underlying main plot, along with the plot itself, have great potential." — Luis Cruz, Mania.[4]
"Well, Rushuna seems to have a penchant for baths and hotsprings, which means nudity of the non-explicit variety. There are also a lot of battles and fights, which does lead to red shirt death and bleeding wounds. Things never get really messy, though, so the show is probably fine for teenagers." — Stig Høgset, T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews.[5]


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