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TypeDaily newspaper
Founded1 June 1927; 92 years ago (1927-06-01)

Grenz-Echo is the only German language daily newspaper published in Eupen, Belgium, aimed at the German-speaking community and the neighbouring areas in the east of the country.

History and profile[edit]

Grenz-Echo was first published in June 1927.[1] The paper calls itself a politically independent, tolerant and Christian daily and is published six days per week.[1] The headquarters of the paper is in Eupen.[2] It provides both local and international news.[1]

Grenz-Echo was banned in Germany in the 1933 due to its anti-Nazi stance.[1][2] The paper was relaunched following World War II.[1]

Its circulation in 2002 was 12,382 copies with the market share of 1.9%.[3] The circulation of Grenz-Echo was 11,757 copies in 2008 and 11,980 copies in 2009.[4] It was 12,104 copies in 2010 and 11,991 copies in 2011.[4]


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