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Founded1999 in Switzerland
United States
  • Luxury Titanium Eyewear, Smartphones Edit this on Wikidata

GRESSO is a Swiss company that manufactures luxury eyewear, mobile phones and accessories.[1] Gresso company was founded in 1999. The trademark is registered in Switzerland (IB of WIPO, reg. No. 994253). Gresso products are presented in Russia, CIS countries, Europe and America.


GRESSO is an industry leader in the high-tech engineering and design of luxury phones, smartphones and accessories. Launching the first collection in 1999 and trademarked in Switzerland, the Gresso Company has almost 20 years of unparalleled excellence in the premium technology market.

GRESSO phones are sold in the leading department stores such as Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and the finest watch and jewelry stores around the world.

In 2007, Forbes magazine included Gresso Avantgarde phone in top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world.

Gresso 3310 - world-famous legendary phone. The titanium body. 2 SIM cards.

In 2018, Gresso presented titanium eyewear collection. All GRESSO frames are laser cut from a single piece of titanium and featured with Carl Zeiss lenses.


Avantgarde smartphones Luna and Sol[2] based on Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard operation system and Gresso interface. African blackwood and gold were used in case manufacturing.

Grand Monaco[3] phone collection was created with the inspiration of glamour and extravagance of Formula 1 racing. The phone case was made using titanium alloy and covered with several layers of ceramic. Front and back phone panels were made from carbon. The screen was framed in a 42 carat sapphire glass. Grand Monaco phones for women was made using crocodile leather.

Luxor phone collection included 3 models: Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot[4], Luxor World Time[5], Luxor[6]

Regal Black[7] introduced one of Gresso’s iconic techniques and design concepts for the first time. Crafted from a single piece of titanium, the body was engineered using a high-tech CNC machining technique.

Cruiser Phones featured a durable titanium body, with front and back panels crafted from tempered glass, and a steel keyboard.

The Radical collection was Gresso’s first smartphone collection. Featuring Android OS technology, the Radical collection expanded Gresso’s mobile assortment from their iconic feature phones, and introduced a new luxury experience to the smartphone market.

Azimuth collection was the first luxury phone with dual-SIM technology. The body was crafted from titanium with a steel keyboard and a 18K white gold Gresso logo on the front panel.

Regal smartphone is an ultra-slim luxury smartphone featuring Android OS technology. Only 8.8 mm thick, it is the slimmest luxury smartphone available.

Meridian phone was designed as a sophisticated addition to multifunctional smartphones. Gresso Meridian has an iconic, classic style with dual-SIM technology.

Gresso Meridian - dual-SIM luxury phone

The Gresso 3310[8] is a legend incarnate with unrivaled design and a luxury titanium body. The collection is created for real connoisseurs of classic style. This is a limited edition collection with only 3310 pieces available.

GRESSO iPhone Titanium, Blackwood, and Diva collections were launched for those seeking an ultra-luxury iPhone experience. Annually upgraded, GRESSO iPhone collections provide Apple enthusiasts new luxury experience by strengthening the standard iPhone aluminum body with titanium plating. African black wood, diamonds, and premium 18K gold or titanium insert also accent the back panel for a final luxury detail.

Magnum - is titanium case for iPhone that is actually made of two parts. The first piece is an interior cover crafted from flexible and high resistance TPU. This innovative material creates a durable barrier around the phone to absorb shock and other potential damages. The outer shell is made of grade-5 titanium. Each case carries the iconic Gresso logo on 18K gold or titanium insert.

Gresso Magnum - Titanium cases for iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Hamilton smartphone based on iPhone Xs and Xs Max is a combination of precious materials, cutting-edge engineering, and advanced technology. The smartphone body is decorated with exotic crocodile leather and tapered edges, which enhance its decadent and opulent nature.

GRESSO Titanium eyewear is made from aircraft grade titanium using Carl Zeiss nylon lenses. Every pair of glasses is designed in Miami and entirely made in GRESSO’s own factory. GRESSO glasses weigh 2 times lighter than regular eyewear so they are incredibly light and comfortable.

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