Gretsch Triple Jet

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Triple Jet
Body typeSolid
Neck jointSet
Scale24.5625 in (624 mm)
Colors available

The Gretsch Triple Jet is a guitar designed by musician Jack White, which he uses while performing with The Raconteurs. White wanted the color of the guitar to be copper, to match the Raconteurs color scheme. The original guitar was painted a copper color. A real copper top was used on a later version of the guitar known as the Triple Jet III.[1] The headstock design chosen for the Triple Jet was only used on guitars made in 1912 .

White's design called for adding a third humbucker pickup to a Gretsch Double Jet, and putting an MXR Micro Amp inside the guitar. Selecting the middle pickup produces an instant overdriven sound.[2] The electronics, coupled with the weight of the solid copper top, makes the guitar heavier than most "commercial" guitars. It has a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. The Triple Jet guitars were built by American luthier Randy Parsons in Seattle, Washington.[3] This similar to Pete Townshend's concept for the 3-pickup Les Pauls he used during the 1970s.


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