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This article is about the lake in the Netherlands. For the city in northern France, see Gravelines.
View of the Grevelingenmeer
Coordinates 51°42′51″N 4°01′20″E / 51.71417°N 4.02222°E / 51.71417; 4.02222Coordinates: 51°42′51″N 4°01′20″E / 51.71417°N 4.02222°E / 51.71417; 4.02222
Basin countries Netherlands

Grevelingen or Grevelingenmeer (Lake Grevelingen) is a former Rhine-Meuse estuary on the border of the Dutch provinces of South Holland and Zeeland that has become a lake due to the Delta Works.

It is situated between the former islands of Goeree-Overflakkee (South Holland) and Schouwen-Duiveland (Zeeland) which are connected by the Brouwersdam on the west and the Grevelingendam on the east.

Connexxion bus service 104 crosses the Brouwersdam, bus service 133 (and others) the Grevelingendam.


Professional freestyle windsurfer Steven Van Broeckhoven refers to the Grevelingenmeer as his homespot.

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