Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

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Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'
Grevillea Robyn Gordon.jpg
Hybrid parentage Grevillea banksii × Grevillea bipinnatifida
Cultivar 'Robyn Gordon'
Origin Selected by David Gordon at "Myall Park", Glenmorgan, Queensland

Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon' is a very popular grevillea cultivar which has been planted widely in Australia and other countries.


It is a shrub that grows to 2 metres in height and up to 3 metres width and has attractive divided leaves The showy, deep red inflorescences are about 15 cm long by 9 cm wide.[1] and attract honeyeaters.


The cultivar, was a chance cross between a red-flowered form of Grevillea banksii and G. bipinnatifida, selected by the late plant collector David Gordon in Queensland for its prolific and sustained flowering.[2] Trials, which began in 1963, demonstrated stability in its characteristics and it was released to the nursery trade in 1968. It was registered in 1973 under the name 'Robyn Gordon' in memory of his daughter who died in 1969, aged 16.[3][4]


Along with a number of other grevilleas in the Robyn Gordon group of cultivars,[4] it may cause allergic contact dermatitis for certain sensitive individuals who come into contact with it.[5]

Cultivar family[edit]

Another cultivar 'Superb', which has the same parentage, has a similar general appearance, but has a more orange colouration in the flowers.

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