Grevillea hilliana

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White Yiel Yiel
Grevillea hilliana.jpg
Scientific classification
G. hilliana
Binomial name
Grevillea hilliana

Grevillea hilliana, of the plant family Proteaceae, is a species of Australian endemic trees known by many common names including white yiel yiel, white silky oak, grey oak, Hill's silky oak,[2] and yill gill.

It is naturally found from north eastern New South Wales, to the north through the east coast, to north eastern Queensland.[3] In north eastern NSW the species "grows in subtropical rainforest, often on basic igneous substrates, north of Brunswick R."[4] In north eastern Queensland the species "grows in drier, more seasonal rain forest and is often associated with Kauri Pine (Agathis robusta)."[2]

Wild trees are found growing to heights of between 8 and 30 metres. White to pale-green flowers open from May to October (late autumn to mid spring) in its native range.


The type specimen was obtained "in the forests at the Pine River of Moreton Bay". The species was formally described in 1857 by botanist Ferdinand von Mueller in Transactions of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria.


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