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Operating systemWindows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, (Web Based)
TypeCollaboration Software

Hiver is a collaboration software product developed by GrexIt, Inc., notable for its market presence in the field of email-based collaboration. The software was previously known as GrexIt, but in September 2015, it changed its name to Hiver to avoid a naming conflict with the term Grexit being used to refer to the probable exit of Greece from the Eurozone.[1] The firm, however, retains GrexIt, Inc. for its legal name.

Hiver is a software as a service application that helps organizations collaborate from their email inboxes. It allows teams to share email conversations and work together on sales, support, hiring, project management and operations. The core of Hiver’s functionality is Shared Labels in Gmail, with which users can share and synchronize email conversations with their colleagues using labels in their Gmail or Google Apps email.


  • Shared Gmail Labels - This lets Gmail users share their labels and use them to collaborate. This also mimics Microsoft Exchange’s email public folders for Google Apps users.
  • Shared Contact Groups - enables sharing of Gmail/Google contact groups between any set of users
  • Email notes - enables writing and sharing of notes on gmail conversation threads
  • Email templates - lets users create, share and embed email templates

The features of Hiver are all Gmail or Google based.


Hiver’s Beta was launched in 2011 with a small set of features focused on helping companies collaborate without having to leave their email inboxes. Hiver was then publicly launched in 2012.


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