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Grey Eye Glances is an American band from the Philadelphia area.

Their name is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "To One in Paradise".



Keith, Nobel & O'Dell began playing together in the early 1990s, and quickly amassed a dedicated following by performing their original material at Borders bookstores up and down the East Coast.

They were originally named Sojourn and released two albums (Songs of Leaving and Further On) but had to surrender the name to another group with an earlier claim.

Their following helped foster sales of two independently released albums, "Songs of Leaving" and "Further On" for their self-owned label, Sojourn Hills Records. In 1996, they signed with Mercury Records and released "Eventide" (1997) and "Painted Pictures" (1998). An additional EP sold exclusively on the internet, entitled "One Day Soon," was the band's last release on Mercury Records before it was merged into a larger label.

To ensure their continued growth, the band funded their purchase of back rights to material produced while they were with Mercury by releasing a four-CD special compilation of rare (the "Red" and "Green" albums) and live material (the 2-disc "Grey Album") that was sold via the internet to their most dedicated fans in 2000.

In April 2010 the band began recording their follow-up album to A Little Voodoo, but the record was not completed. Brett Kull and Paul Ramsey are also in the progrock group echolyn, having first met Grey Eye Glances in Nashville while recording their As The World album.

In February 2011, Jennifer Nobel decided to retire from Grey Eye Glances, and was replaced by Lindsey McKay, from Lansdale, Pa., and a former American Idol contestant.


  • Songs of Leaving, 1993
  • Further On, 1994
  • Eventide, 1997
  • One Day Soon, 1998
  • Painted Pictures, 1998
  • Grey Eye Glances 1992-98, 1999
  • Grey Eye Glances 1998-99, 1999
  • Grey Eye Glances Live Double CD, 1999
  • If I Was, 2000 - 6 song EP
  • A Little Voodoo, 2002
  • Grey Eye Glances Live, 2003

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