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The Grey Party of Canada is a political party in Canada. The party is a protest movement started by senior citizens who want to make views known on specific issues including tax credits for seniors, saving Medicare, and free medications for seniors.

The Grey Party was founded in January 2002, by Jim Webb of New Brunswick. Webb once ran federally for the Confederation of Regions Party in Saint John, New Brunswick and 2 times for the New Brunswick Confederation of Regions Party in the provincial riding of Saint John Lancaster.

In the New Brunswick general election, 2003 the party nominated 10 candidates in the province's 55 ridings, including 23-year-old Mark LeBlanc who ran in the former provincial riding of Saint John Kings. At the time having a 23-year-old candidate for a senior issued party was a newsmaker. Grey Party candidates received 1,550 votes (0.4% of the popular vote).

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