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Grey Technology (Gtech)
Privately held company
Founded2001; 18 years ago (2001)
FounderNick Grey
Warndon, Worcestershire
United Kingdom
Key people
Nick Grey
(Managing director)
ProductsVacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, branch cutters, pedelecs
OwnerNick Grey
Number of employees
120 (2016)

Grey Technology Ltd, which uses the trade mark Gtech, is an independent British company designing and manufacturing cordless home and garden appliances such as vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, grass trimmers and pedelecs.

The company is based in Warndon, Worcestershire.


Gtech was founded by Nick Grey, who had previously worked at vacuum cleaner brand VAX.

The company launched its first product, the SW01 cordless floor sweeper, in 2002.[1] Its latest product is the AirRAM cordless vacuum cleaner, launched in 2012. Gtech has also designed several products on a 'white-label' basis for other brands.[1]

In November 2012, Grey revealed that Gtech has been subject to several corporate espionage attempts from rival manufacturers.[2]


Nick Grey (born 12 July 1968) is the English designer and inventor who founded Grey Technology.[3] Grey was born in Spetchley, Worcestershire,[4] and attended Aston Fields Middle School. The Grey family spent three years in Roscommon, Ireland, before resettling in Worcestershire in 1979. Grey studied at Ludlow College.[3] Grey and Gtech are based in Worcestershire.

Grey won the Insider Media Limited award for innovation in 2011.[5] He has been profiled by British newspapers,[6][7] and has been interviewed in the UK press about issues facing start-ups and his own experiences with Gtech.[4][1][2][8][9]


  • Gtech SW01 - This was Gtech's first product
  • Gtech AirRAM - Introduced in 2012, this was Gtech's first cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Gtech Multi - This was Gtech's first handheld vacuum
  • Gtech AirRAM Mk2 - This was introduced in 2015 and was the second generation of Gtech's cordless vacuum line
  • Gtech Power Floor - An enhanced version of the Gtech Multi with an extension hose and motorized cleaner head allowing for use as regular vacuum cleaner
  • Gtech Pro - Introduced as a bagged version of the Gtech Power Floor

Media coverage and awards[edit]

Gtech's cordless vacuum, the AirRAM, has been reviewed in The Daily Telegraph,[8] The Sunday Times,[10] the Daily Mail,[11] the Daily Express[12] and Which?.[13] In addition, the Good Housekeeping Institute has approved the AirRAM,[14][15] and the Gtech-designed Bissell Versus cordless vacuum was a winner in its 2009 VIP (Very Innovative Products) Awards.[16][17]

Gtech won awards for Excellence in Innovation and Business of the Year at the 2013 Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.[18]


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