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Greydon Square
Greydon Square GAGOP.jpg
Greydon Square at the Great American God-Out in Manhattan, November 15, 2007.
Background information
Birth nameEddie Collins
Also known asApocalypse
Born (1981-09-28) September 28, 1981 (age 37)
OriginCompton, California, US
GenresWest Coast hip hop
Occupation(s)Musician, rapper, songwriter, audio engineer, producer
Years active2004-present
Associated actsCanibus, Tombstone Da Deadman, Adil Omar

Eddie Collins (born September 28, 1981), better known by his stage name Greydon Square, is an American West Coast hip hop emcee, producer and sound engineer from Compton, California. He is a former U.S. Army soldier and Iraq War veteran who is also an outspoken atheist. He promotes discussion on philosophical and scientific issues.[1]

Early life[edit]

Collins grew up an orphan in Compton, where he was raised in foster homes in the Department of Children and Family Services system[2] and became immersed in gang culture.[1][3] He was incarcerated at the Sylmar Detention Hall at age 17, on a weapons-related charge.

"I was basically watched, not raised."[4]

— Greydon Square

Collins enlisted in the United States Army after his release, in 2001[4] and then served in the Iraq War, attached to the 82nd Airborne Division.[5] Collins mentioned in an interview he has post-traumatic stress because of his time in Iraq.[3]

After his discharge, Collins began attending college in Phoenix, Arizona as a physics major. He studied physics full-time before moving on to study computer science.[1] While in college, Collins began questioning his religious beliefs and eventually became an atheist.[3]

"I could easily be just another gangster rapper. That's not where I am. (...) I went to Iraq, I saw people die. It's not a game to me."[1]

— Greydon Square

Music career[edit]

CPT: 2004-2009[edit]

Collins taught himself to play piano as a child[3] and has been expressing himself through rap under his stage name of Greydon Square since 2004. Among his influences are Rakim, Phil Collins, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Stanley Clarke, Cedric Williams, and The Bee Gees.[6][2] His first album, Absolute, was released under the name Apocalypse in 2004. The album is no longer available. His follow-up album (his first under the name Greydon Square) The Compton Effect, was released in 2007. After being approached by several independent record labels, Collins created his own company to distribute the record.[6] In 2008, he released his second album The C.P.T. Theorem. The titles of these two albums are references to the city of Compton where he grew up, to the Compton effect and the CPT Theorem from physics. His music deals with philosophical and political issues, the war in Iraq and his experiences as a soldier, and his childhood which was spent in group homes. His atheistic views are very present in the albums of this period.[3]

"I don't care what you believe in, just consider the questions I'm asking. Think for yourself. Your life and destiny are in your hands."[4]

— Greydon Square

Kardashev Scale Trilogy: 2010-2015[edit]

In 2010, he released the first of a trilogy of albums, The Kardashev Scale, along with an EP titled Serpents of Eden in collaboration with Adil Omar. The song titled "War Porn" from that album was performed in collaboration with hip hop artist Canibus.[7] He is also a guest on Omar's debut solo album The Mushroom Cloud Effect alongside Kool G Rap on a song titled "Summertime".[8] Type II : The Mandelbrot Set was released in 2012. In mathematics, the Mandelbrot set is a set of complex numbers used to create fractals. Omniverse : Type 3 : Aum niverse was released in 2015, completing the trilogy.[9]

Greydon Squared is one of the artists featured on Low Technology's LTGU album, released August 8, 2017.[10]

Compton Scattering: 2017[edit]

On November 5, 2017, he released his next album, Compton Scattering.[11] This album which closer reflects his earlier works, discusses topics such as politics, cryptocurrency, and antinatalism.

Related projects[edit]

He is a member of the international secular hip hop activist movement and The Anti-Injustice Movement (aka AIM Clika). With others, he founded the Grand Unified Theory organization, which uses creativity to educate people about science and rational thinking.[12][3]

With rapper Tombstone da Deadman, Greydon is working on a science-fiction comic named Extropy and Entropy, illustrated by Joseph Arnold, for a Fall 2017 release.[3] The comic is meant to be accompanied by music tracks by Greydon and Tombstone.

In 2013, he appeared in the documentary film Contradiction.[13]

Conflict with RRS' Brian Sapient[edit]

Once an active member of the Rational Response Squad, Square was put on probation in 2008 after he punched leader Brian Sapient[2] at a public event in Washington D.C. The incident was allegedly sparked by a disagreement over CD sales.[1]

"It never ceases to amaze me that when people join a group, they just accept the group position on everything. And I did that, with the Rational Response Squad. I accepted their methods and I accepted their beefs."[1]

— Greydon Square


Solo albums[edit]

Title Album details
  • Released: 2004
The Compton Effect
  • Released: 2007
  • Singles: "Squared", "Molotov", "Say", "Extian"
The C.P.T. Theorem
  • Released: 2008
  • Singles: "Cubed", "A Soldier's Poem"
Type I: The Kardashev Scale
  • Released: August 10, 2010
  • Singles: "Stockholm Syndrome", "Brains", "Myth"
Type II : The Mandelbrot Set
  • Released: October 16, 2012
  • Singles: "Peace Peace", "Ultra Combo", "Prison Planet", "Summer's Ending", "Metaphor Swordsman"
Omniverse : Type 3 : Aum niverse
  • Released: December 21, 2015
Compton Scattering
  • Released: November 5, 2017

Collaboration albums[edit]

Title Album details
Ryuken Vs - Round 1: Super Arts
  • Credited for lyrics, under Eddie Collins
  • Released: June 16, 2014
  • As part of Low Technology
  • Released: August 8, 2017

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