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Origin Manila/Bohol, Philippines
Years active 1997–present
Associated acts
Website Greyhoundz
Members Reg Rubio
Niño Avenido
TJ Brillantes
Audie Avenido
Past members Allen Cudal (deceased)
B-Boy Garcia

Greyhoundz is a Filipino nu metal/rap metal band formed in the late 1990s which gained international recognition and is currently based in Manila, Philippines.


Greyhoundz was formed in 1997 by cousins Niño and Audie Avenido who at first just wanted to join a local battle of the bands contest together with other bandmates that included Allen Cudal. The contest was canceled so they opted to audition at the now defunct Club DREDD that was based in Manila.

They later recruited Reg Rubio, who was from another band that also played at Club Dredd and TJ Brillantes came on board shortly after.

On May 6, 2004, Allen Cudal died from a car accident. The 2004 Pulp SummerSlam was the last time the band performed with their complete line up.

Despite the tragic event and as a sign of respect for their late bandmate, the group now performs as a 4-piece band instead of hiring a new member.[1]

Behind the name[edit]

The name “Greyhoundz” was borrowed from the former band of Audie Avenido’s father.


Former member(s)[edit]

  • Allen Cudal (deceased) - Guitars
  • B-Boy Garcia - turntables


Year Title Singles Certification Label
1999 7 Corners of Your Game Mr. P.I.G., Party at 802 Platinum Sony Music
2001 Greyhoundz Even, Karmic Platinum Sony Music
2005 Apoy Apoy, Doble Kara PolyEast
2009 Execution Style Gunner, Shoot to Kill MCA Music

Singles and Videography[edit]


  • Pigface
  • Mr. P.I.G.
  • Party at 802
  • Taking U High (feat. Jamir Garcia of Slapshock, Ian Tayao of Cheese (later known as Queso), and Bogoy Espejo of Zooom)
  • Leech
  • Pull
  • Even (Asian Edition Soundtrack Album from Spider-Man movie soundtrack)
  • Your Puppet and Clown
  • Karmic (feat. Ian Tayao of Cheese)
  • Bonfires and Sandcastles
  • Apoy
  • Koro (feat. Gloc 9, Ocho Toleran of Queso, and Francis M.)
  • Doble Kara
  • Battle Cry (RF Online Theme)
  • Shoot To Kill
  • Gunner
  • Dragon Flies
  • Taya
  • Gaba
  • Ang Bagong Ako (feat. Loonie & B-Boy Garcia of Queso)


  • Your Puppet and Clown
  • Hole
  • Karmic feat. Ian Tayao of Queso
  • Apoy
  • Koro feat. Gloc 9, Ocho Toleran of Queso, and Francis M.
  • Doble Kara
  • Shoot To Kill
  • Taya
  • Ang Bagong Ako (feat. Loonie & B-Boy Garcia of Queso)

Spider-Man Official Soundtrack[edit]

Greyhoundz’ song, Even, was included in the official soundtrack of the blockbuster movie “Spider-Man" (2002) as one of the Asian Edition Bonus Tracks of the album. The soundtrack also features music from artists such as Alien Ant Farm, The Strokes, Macy Gray and Aerosmith. Greyhoundz is the only Filipino band included in this release.[2] Also, their song, Hole was included in the soundtrack of the original The Ring


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