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Coordinates: 40°56′28″N 73°54′01″W / 40.941053°N 73.900404°W / 40.941053; -73.900404

Greyston Bakery
Social enterprise
Industry Baked goods
Founded Yonkers, NY, U.S. (1982)
Founder Tetsugen Bernard Glassman
Headquarters Yonkers, NY
Key people
Michael P. Brady, CEO & President
Products Ice cream mix-ins, brownies, cakes
Number of employees
65 (2006)
Parent Greyston Foundation

Greyston Bakery was founded in Riverdale, New York, by Bernie Glassman, a Zen Buddhist. Although it is a for-profit company, its profits go to its non-profit parent organization, the Greyston Foundation, where they are used on behalf of the local community.[1]


The bakery was founded in 1982. Later that decade, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's ice cream company agreed to purchase Greyston Bakery brownies for chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.[2][3] In 2004, Greyston Bakery moved to a larger facility designed by Maya Lin to accommodate growth.[3] In 2012, Greyston Bakery became New York State's first registered benefit corporation.

Social mission[edit]

The company aims to hire the hard-to-employ and is known for its "open hiring" practices, where anyone can sign up regardless of background.[2][4] All profit from the company go to the Greyston Foundation, which uses it for low-income housing, day care open to the community, a medical center for those with AIDS, and other community endeavors.[2]


Greyston Bakery is the primary supplier of brownies for Ben & Jerry's,[5] which is its main client.[6] The bakery also has its own line of baked goods that it sells online and a co-branded line of products with Whole Planet Foundation sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market.


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