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Grid, The Grid or GRID may refer to:

Science and technology[edit]


Entertainment and media[edit]



  • Grid, a village in Părău Commune, Braşov County, Romania
  • Grid, a village administered by Călan town, Hunedoara County, Romania


Other uses[edit]

  • Cattle grid or stock grid, a type of obstacle is used to prevent livestock from crossing the road
  • Firebird Grid, a German paraglider design
  • Grid (graphic design) or typographic grid, organized lines for guiding graphic design
  • Grid (Jotun), a giantess in Norse mythology
  • Managerial grid model, a behavioral leadership model
  • Grid paper or graph paper, writing paper that is printed with fine lines making up a regular grid
  • Tension grid, an area of a theatre
  • Grid plan, a method of city and regional planning in which streets and administrative units are arranged at right angles
  • Grid (comics), a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe

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