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GridStream Productions
GridStream Productions Logo.png
Type of site
Internet Radio & Social networking
Available in English
Owner Kym Ryan (aka DJ Shigy)
Slogan(s) Rubi-Ka's number one source of live audio entertainment!
Alexa rank Increase 5,084,945 (May 2017)[1]
Commercial No
Users 1607 registered users (April 2017).[2]
Launched May 2002; 15 years ago (2002-05)
Current status Active

GridStream Productions[3] (also known as GridStream or GSP) is a non-profit Internet radio broadcast station that plays rock, alternative, metal, indie and a vast variety of other music as well as talk shows and interviews. Founded in 2002, it is one of the oldest existing MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) internet radio stations.[4]


GridStream Productions was founded around May 2002[5] by Anarchy Online celebrity Lan Tarryk Kozar and Justin Boco Devane[1],[6] and others, and continues to be run by some of the original staff and founders. The broadcasts are hosted from within the virtual worlds of Anarchy Online and The Secret World, MMORPG's by Funcom. The fan base is mostly AO (Anarchy Online) players, although there are listeners from other games and even listeners who do not play games. GridStream was one of the very first MMORPG radio stations on the internet and helped to pioneer[7] the concept of broadcasting from within a virtual world, it is also currently one of the oldest MMORPG radio stations still broadcasting.

Shows and specials[edit]

GridStream Productions is run by players for players of Anarchy Online, and works closely with Funcom and the Anarchy Online developers, hosting parties, the large ARK holiday parties and the anniversaries of Anarchy Online,[8] contests with in-game and sometimes real prizes. GridStream Productions has roughly 20 DJ's based all over the world, with different tastes in music providing a varied listening experience. GridStream also has done interviews, like the exclusive they did with Nick Wheeler of The All American Rejects in connection with their in-game concert in Anarchy Online.[9] GridStream has been present at and broadcast from DragonCon.[10] GridStream also planned the first ever official fan convention for Anarchy Online. It took place during August 10–12, 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.[11]


Radio content varies but is mostly rock, alternative, metal, indie, electronics, talk shows, interviews, skits, funny or fake ads. There are no commercial ads on the station although they do promos for in-game organizations or player guilds. The humor and the radio station in general is mostly targeted to adults or mature audiences.

In-game requests[edit]

GridStream does not have a normal online request system, the Radio DJ's do take suggestions through the GSP forums, or use an in-game request system available only to the game's players.

Radio Network[edit]

GridStream Productions has no plans of leaving Anarchy Online, but may or may not cover other Funcom games. August 2, 2012 GridStream officially launched their sister station for The Secret World and is now broadcasting for TSW regularly.[12]

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