Grid GridCase 1535EXP

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Grid GridCase 1535EXP
Type Portable computer
CPU Intel 80386 (Intel 80387 optional)
Connectivity DIN-5 Keyboard, Phone line, RS-232, Parallel, External peripheral, Video, Power 16 V DC [1]
Predecessor Compass 1100 [1]

Grid GridCase 1535EXP is a rugged laptop with a 80386 CPU, an optional 80387 floating point processor and up to 8 Mbyte of DRAM designed for NASA to be used in space. It was first flown into space in December 1992 on the STS-53 for use of the HERCULES geolocation device.

The power input is 100-240 V AC 50/60/400 Hz, 80 W. The 400 Hz utility frequency is common on airplanes and submarines.

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