Griddharaj Parvat

Coordinates: 24°18′00″N 81°15′00″E / 24.30000°N 81.25000°E / 24.30000; 81.25000
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Griddharaj Parvat
Griddharaj Parvat is located in India
Griddharaj Parvat
Griddharaj Parvat
Highest point
Elevation717.5 m (2,354 ft)
Coordinates24°18′00″N 81°15′00″E / 24.30000°N 81.25000°E / 24.30000; 81.25000

Griddharaj Parvat, which means "the hill of vultures" (also called Griddhakut Parvat, known locally as Giddhaila Pahar and known in English as Vulture Peak), is a hill of religious, archeological and ecological importance.

It is situated near Devrajnagar village in the tehsil of Ramnagar, in the district of Satna and the state of Madhya Pradesh, in India. It is located 65 km south of Satna and 8 km from Ramnagar town. Its latitude and longitude are 24°18' North and 81°15' East. The altitude of the hill is 717.5 metres (2,354 ft). The hill is situated between the Kaimur Range to the north and the Maikal Hills to the south.


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