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OriginUnited States
GenresDrum and bass, electro-industrial, glitch, post-industrial, IDM
Years active1994–2005
LabelsPendragon, Unit, Hymen
MembersMike Wells
Mike Cadoo

Gridlock was a San Francisco based experimental electronic band originally created by Mike Wells in 1994. A year later, Mike Cadoo joined up, and the duo released their first two demos, Sickness and Frozen, and soon signed to Pendragon Records in 1997.

Their style was originally akin to the sound of Skinny Puppy with less vocals and an ambient aspect not normally found in industrial at the time. Eventually, they took on more and more ambient and futuristic electronic sounds and slowly lessened their industrial edge whilst removing any trace of vocals.

On March 24, 2005, the band announced its dissolution on its website, but promised to continue making music under Wells' and Cadoo's respective side projects. Their last recorded material to be released was two tracks on the 2006 Hymen Records compilation Travel Sickness.


Albums and EPs[edit]

  • Sickness (demo) (1995)
  • Frozen (demo) (1996)
  • The Synthetic Form (1997), Pendragon
  • Enzyme EP (1998)
  • Further (1999), Pendragon
  • 5.25 (limited edition) (2000), Pendragon
  • Trace (2001), Unit
  • Formless (2003), Hymen


  • "Gridlock / O2 - 366115", Unit
  • "Engram 12", Hymen
  • "Gridlock / Steel" (split 12"), Klangkrieg
  • "Gridlock / Panacea" (split 12"), Component
  • "Under" 3" (CD), Piehead
  • "Gridlock / Blood"

Special releases[edit]

  • live.traces (self-released)
  • Trace (12"), Zod
  • Formless (2x12"), Hymen

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • The Tyranny Off the Beat Vol. 4 CD (Off Beat 1997)
  • Exoskeleton CD (Possessive Blindfold 1998)
  • Binary Application Extension 05 CD (Culture Shock 1998)
  • The Tyranny Off the Beat Vol. 5 CD (Off Beat 1998)
  • Classix CD (Off Beat 1999)
  • The Flatline Compilation 2 CD (Flatline 1999)
  • Virion Sequences CD (Gashed 2000)
  • Exoskeleton 3 CD (Possessive Blindfold 2001)
  • Masonic CD (Hymen 2002)
  • Sub.Session CD (Sub.Session 2002)
  • Zod 07 12" (Zod 2002)
  • Bitmapping CD (Objective/Subjective 2003)
  • Hybrid Components CD (Component 2003)
  • Travel Sickness CD (Hymen 2006)


  • "Cherised Agony" on Evolution by Android Lust
  • "LP1" on Corruption Time by Neutronic
  • "Payoff" on Truthead by Aghast View
  • "Unforgiven" on Unburied by Allied Vision
  • "As Death Approaches" on Inception of Eradication by Holocaust Theory
  • "My Saviour" on Redemption EP by Flesh Field
  • "In Memorial" on WWW by Individual Totem
  • "Wraith" on Moon Phase by Displacer
  • "One Man and His Anger" on The Connected Series #4 by Steel
  • "J. Doesn't Do Acid Anymore" on Caller ID by Neutral
  • "Essence" on Tension by Codec
  • "Alive in Arms" on Blamstrain Remixed by Blamstrain
  • "Intense Demonic Attacks" by Venetian Snares

Side projects[edit]

  • O2
  • Dryft Mike Cadoo's side project
  • Bitcrush Mike Cadoo's side project


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