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Grießbach is a German village which is situated in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) in Saxony. It is part of the municipality Venusberg. It is officially one of the 404 most beautiful places in whole Germany[citation needed] and counts approximately 900 inhabitants.[citation needed]


Grießbach in the morning

The village first appeared in an official document in 1386. In 1539 it built a Christian community with Drebach. Since 1850 there has existed a street connecting the village and the next big town, Zschopau. A railroad was built next to the street so the mining for limestone could flourish. In 1929 the mining industry was called off and a concentration on agriculture began.

During World War II Grießbach was for the most parts destroyed by bombs. After the war the Soviet Union settled down in Grießbach to search for uranium but they only found tons of ore.[citation needed]

During the time of the GDR DKK (Deutsches Kühl- und Kältekombinat) opened a factory for the production of refrigerators which were sold to countries all over the eastern European countries. The factory closed just before the reunion with West Germany. Today Mogatec uses the factory buildings for the production of garden tools.

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Coordinates: 50°43′N 13°3′E / 50.717°N 13.050°E / 50.717; 13.050