Grießen Pass

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Grießen Pass
Grießen Pass is located in Alps
Grießen Pass
Grießen Pass
Location of Grießen Pass
Elevation975 m (3,199 ft)
Traversed byFederal Highway B 164
Coordinates47°27′N 12°28′E / 47.450°N 12.467°E / 47.450; 12.467Coordinates: 47°27′N 12°28′E / 47.450°N 12.467°E / 47.450; 12.467
Griessenpass, pass Griessenpass

Grießen Pass (el. 975 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps between the federal states of Salzburg and Tyrol.

It connects the Kitzbühel Alps and the Leogang Steinberge.

The road over the pass leads from Hochfilzen in Tyrol to Leogang in Salzburg, but it lies almost entirely in the state of Salzburg.

The pass is traversed by the Salzburg-Tyrol Railway and the Hochkönig-Straße (B164).

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