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A 1961 1 inch = 1 mile series map. It covers the Hinkley-Nuneaton-Atherstone--Wovley region. Harts Hill quarry is attached to a railway and in full swing. The coal mines near Griff Lodge Farm and Ansely Hall are in early decline. The mines are now shut and the quarry is (as far as I know) a rubbish-tip. Note the even by then removed railway by Higham Grange and Higham on the Hill.

Griff is a hamlet in the English county of Warwickshire.

Griff is located on the A444 road between the towns of Nuneaton and Bedworth and is administered as part of Nuneaton and Bedworth district.

Formerly a coal mining area there is evidence that coal was obtained from Griff from as early as the twelfth century.[1] Nowadays Griff Quarry is a major enterprise producing around 260,000 tonnes (290,000 tons) of material annually.[2]

Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot) was brought up at Griff House, now a hotel.[3] Griff is likely represented in Eliot's novel Middlemarch as "Frick", which is described as "[Mr Solomon's] side of Lowick was the most remote from the village, and the houses of the laboring people were either lone cottages or were collected in a hamlet called Frick, where a water-mill and some stone-pits made a little centre of slow, heavy-shouldered industry."


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