Griffin (Dan Vado)

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The Griffin
Publication information
Publisher Slave Labor Graphics
First appearance The Griffin #1 (1992)
Created by Dan Vado
Norman Felchle
In-story information
Alter ego Matt Williams
Abilities Super strength, flight

The Griffin was the protagonist of an eponymous 6 issue mini-series published by DC Comics in 1992.[1] It was originally released by Slave Labor in 1988.

Publication history[edit]

Griffin was a standalone series that did not belong to the DC Universe. Later, Dan Vado regained the publishing rights, and the story is now available as a trade paperback from Slave Labor Graphics.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Matt Williams was a teenage athlete who mysteriously disappeared. He had been abducted by aliens and given super powers to serve in their military. 20 years later he goes AWOL and returns to Earth, hoping to resume his previous life.