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Griffin Guess (born September 8, 1979, in San Diego, California) is an American music producer and talent manager. He owns Cartel Management and Cartel Records, and is married to supermodel / actress Marisa Miller.[1]

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In 1998, he started Machete, a creative services company that produced marketing, film and music videos.[2] Two years later he merged his company into Liberty Media, and joined Liberty Media Group as the creative director of Ascent Media in 2001. He soon became an executive producer in a few capacities for many leading names in the recording and production industry, gaining access to numerous creative award winning projects and record productions.[3] He worked on titles with artists such as Kanye West, Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Josh Baze, 50 Cent, Good Charlotte, Weezer, Eminem, Velvet Revolver, Common, TI, and Matisyahu. Alongside musicians, Guess holds advisory to athletes and other entertainment professionals to the likes of Marisa Miller, Aaron Rogers, and Barry Bonds of mention.[2][4]

Cartel, Inc.[edit]

In 2007, Guess founded Cartel Incorporated and soon after developed Cartel Management, a boutique management company representing entertainers, athletes and musicians. Later, Guess formed Cartel Records, an independent label which distributes digitally through iTunes, and with Alliance Distribution for Best Buy and Target, Wal-mart.[2] Guess executive produced marketing campaigns for Kanye West "Late Registration" and "Graduation" titles and others for ( Def Jam Records 2005 to 2009). Plus America's Got Talent season two runner-up Cas Haley's self-titled debut album,[2] Guess also produced the album First Impressions by rapper Really Doe w/ Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. He produced and signed breakthrough hip hop artist Josh Baze in 2010. Releasing Josh Baze self title album "High-heels & Low-Lifes" March 2012, Josh Baze's follow up record "Colour Blind" released on June 10, 2014.[5]

2008 to current, Cartel Inc has produced numerous award winning national ad campaigns for; Harley Davidson Motor Company,[6] Victoria's Secret, the NFL, Diageo, Cadillac and produces print and magazine editorials for their management clients accordingly. Guess is the creative director of those ad campaigns through his production entity.

In 2014 Guess acquired Mavericks [7] and created Titans of Mavericks the globally recognized big wave event in Northern California.

Personal life[edit]

Guess married Actress and Supermodel Marisa Miller on April 15, 2006.[8] She's best known for her fame as the all-American supermodel, which highlights include Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covermodel and being a predominate Victoria's Secret Angel from 2000 to 2012. Also represents Harley Davidson and the NFL as an active spokesperson and has done numerous advertising campaigns for those brands. Miller's shift to acting landed her the opposite role of Jeff Bridges in Universal Pictures R.I.P.D.[9]


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