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The Berserk manga and anime series features a cast of characters designed by Kentaro Miura. The series takes place in a fictional version of medieval Europe.

It centers on the life of Guts, an orphaned mercenary warrior, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk (鷹の団 Taka no Dan?) who made a pact with demons and is reborn as one himself.

Principal characters[edit]


Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese, TV series), Hiroaki Iwanaga (Japanese, movies), Marc Diraison (English, TV series), Michael Bell (Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage English)

Berserk character
First appearance Vol. 1 Chapter 1:
"The Black Swordsman"
Created by Kentaro Miura
Voiced by Anime:
Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese, TV series)
Hiroaki Iwanaga (Japanese, movies)
Marc Diraison (English)
Sword of the Berserk:
Michael Bell (English)
Aliases Hundred Man Slayer
Branded Swordsman
Black Swordsman
Heartless Swordsman
Relatives Sys (adoptive mother, deceased)
Gambino (adoptive father, deceased)
Casca (former lover)
Affiliations Band of the Hawk (raid leader)

Guts (ガッツ Gattsu?, sometimes romanized as Güts) is the series' main protagonist. In the series, Guts is a mercenary who travels from company to company so he is always fighting. After meeting Griffith, Guts is defeated in battle by Griffith and is forced to join the band of the Hawk. Guts has also appeared in every Berserk video game. Guts is a Byronic hero who is born as one who may be able to struggle against causality, but who is unable to maintain it indefinitely. His childhood and adolescence in a mercenary band after being adopted by the band's leader Gambino, and his later joining of, and departure from, the Band of the Hawk.

The dynamic and turbulent relationship between Guts and Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk, forms the primary focus of the manga for the first thirteen volumes. After the events of the Eclipse, during which he loses his left forearm and right eye, Guts seeks revenge on Griffith, who is now Femto. In the process, he is reunited with Casca after a separation of two years.

Following the Incarnation Ceremony at Albion, Guts travels with a new group of companions.

Guts can be seen as the exact opposite of Griffith in just about every way. Guts is a tall, muscular warrior with short black hair, a body full of scars and wields a monstrous weapon. Griffith is of average height, thin, has long white hair, no scars and wields an elegant sabre. Guts wears tattered black clothing and, though incredibly skilled, fights like a barbarian; winning by any means necessary. Griffith wears white armor and has a much more refined style resembling fencing. In addition they usually have the exact opposite effect on everyone they meet. Most people are naturally drawn to Griffith upon first meeting him and would die for him without hesitation; however, Guts is usually feared and detested by just about everyone he comes across. This extends to their morals and intentions as well. Guts usually refrains from involving others in his plights whereas Griffith rarely dirties his own hands. Griffith freely manipulates others, caring only for his ultimate goal, while Guts (though he would never admit it) values the lives of others and strives to protect them.


Guts is depicted as a tall, muscular man, standing at 6'3" (190.5 cm)[1] with short, spiked, black hair in a crew cut. He is missing his left forearm and right eye due to an encounter with the God Hand and is covered head-to-toe in scars, with the most notable being a lacerated scar on his nose. Also notable is a large, horizontal scar on his chest which he received during his encounter with Slan in Qliphoth.[2] After receiving the Berserker Armor, Guts receives a small fringe of white on his hair, presumably due to the stress brought on from wielding the armor. Guts' tendency to wear black clothing while hunting the Apostles gained him the nickname 'The Black Swordsman.' Aside of all this, Guts has a brand on the back right side of his neck that attracts demons and evil spirits to him at night, as a result of the Eclipse.

Guts' original design, featured in the Berserk Prototype, had him wearing an eye patch.

Because he is just a normal human, the strength to carry, much less to use and wield a sword of such magnitude with finesse and dexterity makes Guts a grandmaster swordsman of no ordinary level and skill, which shows up in every battle or duels that he partakes, especially when he is engaged with demonic beings. He is also skillful at using many bladed weapons, has knowledge on how the mechanisms of complicated firearms work, and is also an excellent equestrian. Despite his large frame he is very fast, dexterous and agile for a human of his size and stature which can be seen when he is engaged in combat with multiple enemies.

Guts' ferocity, fury, aggressiveness, and strength do much to conceal the cunning person within him. He is very perceptive, quick-witted, and clever. He is also a skilled strategist; all of it goes hand in hand with his strength. These are major reasons of why he had survived the countless encounters that he so far had faced. A good example of his tactical prowess is his fight with the apostle Rosine. During the fight, Guts was severely outnumbered by Rosine's demon elves but managed to kill them by lighting himself on fire when they got too close then quickly dousing himself by slicing open the cocoons that were in the process of turning more children into elves. Although not much of a talker, Guts is also shown to possess astute logical reasoning which can be seen in some of his conversations within the manga.


As a youth, Guts lived in a mercenary camp where he was forced to learn to use full sized weapons. This and his natural physical size and strength enabled him to wield larger weapons than most. Throughout the Golden Age arc, he primarily uses a variety of large swords, along with various other weapons when necessary.

In the (chronologically) later arcs, Guts wields the Dragon Slayer, a zweihänder or two-handed sword about 6'6" long and 12" wide at its base. It is more than an inch thick at the middle of the blade, giving it incredible weight and power. Described in the manga as more of a table-sized slab of iron than a blade, the Dragon Slayer's massive size makes it the ideal weapon for slaying apostles of the God Hand. After killing many apostles, the sword retains properties of the apostles' blood, making it more effective against them. In addition to his blade, Guts' left forearm is prosthetic with a magnet to help grip weapons, a replacement for the one he lost when Griffith attempted to sacrifice him to the denizens of hell; it folds back to expose a hidden cannon within. Guts also carries throwing knives, miniature bombs, a dagger, and even a repeating crossbow that can be mounted onto his prosthetic arm. While not innately magical, Guts' sword, the Dragon Slayer, was recently shown to have become a cursed blade after absorbing the evil within so many apostles slayed by him; enabling it to kill creatures of a non-corporeal nature and even possibly kill, or at least, seriously injure members of the God Hand.

One of Guts' most powerful assets is the Berserker Armour, an ancient, cursed suit of armour that allows the wearer to overcome his physical and mental limitations in combat but at the cost of damaging his already-weakened body and allowing his inner Beast, in Guts' case a feral dog-like creature, to take over and endanger everyone in the vicinity, friend or foe (hence, berserk). The Armour has deadly effects on its user. After using the armour once, Guts lost some of his sense of taste, became slightly colour-blind, and the stress of using it caused a patch of his hair to turn white, among other things. The armour can pierce his flesh from within (similar to an Iron Maiden) to reinforce broken bones, enabling him to continue fighting long after his body is broken to the point of exsanguination. When he takes it off, all of the damage done to his body, and the pain caused by it becomes apparent.


Guts has incredible strength and physical resistance, even though he is a regular man with no powers. Due to his extensive training since a very young age, his strength and endurance could be classified as superhuman. He is able to swing the 6'6" long Dragon Slayer with incredible speed, even with just one hand. He has also survived impacts that would kill a regular man, even without the protection of armour. This might be due to The Brand, which, according to the Skull Knight, places Guts a half step outside of reality, where it is easier for will to affect reality. It is also noted that the Hellhound, Guts' inner beast, devours the souls of the apostles and other malignant spirits that assault him daily from the Interstice (a realm existing between the astral plane and physical reality), increasing its power along with Guts'.

It could be said that he has incredible resistance to pain, but most certainly the case is that his exceptional will and rage succeeds and overflows his mind to a greater extent than pain does.

He is able to come up with strategies very quickly and thanks to his experience in battle he can realize very quickly the best way to fight, like when he used a sword with his feet to impale Zodd.


Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese, TV series), Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese, movies), Kevin T. Collins (English, TV series & movies)

Griffith (グリフィス Gurifisu?) is the main antagonist (and early on the Romantic hero) of the series. He is originally the founding leader of the mercenary unit known as the Band of the Hawk, both the group and his title "White Hawk" named for his helmet forged in the shape of a Hawk's head. Extraordinarily charismatic, intelligent, and handsome, Griffith's skill with his sabre and tactics gave him a him and his band a reputation of invincibility, making him the favored choice of the Midland King, who was locked in a century long war with the Empire of Chuder. Believing that he is destined for greater things, Griffith is willing to sacrifice everything for the dream of his own kingdom and only values others who are of use to him. The source of his ambition is a crimson Behelit given to him by a fortune teller who claims it to be an "Egg of the King" that would lead an average person to become a great ruler.

The only two people Griffith truly trusted were Guts and Casca, who were his confidants in private moments. There are several hints in the series that Griffith has feelings for Guts. After winning the war for Midland, Griffith learns of Guts's intention to leave the Band of the Hawk and resolves to kill his friend if he cannot keep him by his side. But Guts instantly defeated Griffith by breaking his sabre, leaving Griffith in disbelief with his morale crushed. Later that night, Griffith have an affair with Princess Charlotte's room that lead to his imprisonment and torture by the Midland King. A year later, now a broken and hateful shell of his former self, Griffith is rescued by Casca, Guts, Judeau, and Pippin. After Wyald's attack and the further realization of his current state, Griffith triggered the crimson Behelit in an act of desperation. Griffith and the Hawks are drawn into an Interstice known as the Nexus where God Hand who offer Griffith a position among them if he sacrifices his followers to the apostles that have gathered for the Eclipse. With Ubik's powers convincing him that a few more deaths won not matter as long as he fulfills his dream, Griffith agrees to the God Hand's terms and was reborn as a demon in dark hawk armor with cape-like wings. Rechristened Femto (フェムト Femuto?), no longer constrained by his morality, Griffith rapes Casca as an act of revenge towards Guts abandoning him before the two were rescued.

Two years later, Griffith is brought back to the physical plane after The Egg of the Perfect World orchestrated the millennial Incarnation Ceremony at Albion, using the body of Casca's malformed child as a vessel with the gift of supernatural charisma in addition to other unknown abilities. Griffith creates a newly Band of the Hawk composed of Apostles and humans that are drawn to him as the original Hawks were. Griffith also won the loyalty of the Holy See, seen by its pontiff as the order's Hawk of Light incarnate, while making Charlotte's hand in marriage. After leading the defeat of the Kushan Empire, Griffith establishes Falconia as the new capital of the Midland Empire while transforming the world to suit him. This allowed Griffith to bring most of humanity within his city walls due to the monsters from other planes now roaming the world with Apostles now serving mankind's protectors while allowed to satisfy their bloodlust in the fighting arenas within the nearby fortress of Pandemonium.

As Femto, Griffith, is capable of flight via his wings and, like other members of the God Hand, can manipulate matter and distort space.


Voiced by: Yūko Miyamura (Japanese, TV series), Toa Yukinari (Japanese, movies), Carrie Keranen (English, TV series), B. J. Ward (Sword of the Berserk English)

Casca (キャスカ Kyasuka?) was the only female soldier in the original Band of the Hawk and is behind only Griffith and Guts in swordsmanship. Her ambivalent relationship to both of them makes her moody and capricious. Casca joins the Band of the Hawk after Griffith empowers her to save herself from a sexual assault by a nobleman. Casca harbors feelings towards Griffith which almost every member of the group knows about.

Casca was initially against Guts joining the band of the Hawk and is hostile towards him, eventually accepting him as a comrade as she begins to fall in love with him. When Guts leaves the band, Casca attempts to stop him going as so far as to ask if he is leaving because of her (her impression is that Guts may hate her, when he actually cares for her) and begs him to stay. After Griffith is imprisoned, she becomes the leader of the Band of the Hawk as they are forced to go into hiding due to the constant assaults issued by the Midland King. After Guts return and the strengthening of their relationship together, culminating in the two spending the night with each other, they embark on a rescue mission to recover Griffith.

But this results in the Casca forced to watch her comrade slaughtered during the eclipse before being violated by Griffith after his rebirth as Femto, seemingly lost her memory and speaking abilities. In addition to being branded with a sacrificial mark on her breast with the Apostles endlessly hunted her and Guts down on a nightly basis, Casca prematurely gave birth to her child with Guts after it has been corrupted from Griffith's rape. After being attacked by Guts when the strain of defending her drove him to succumb to his inner beast, Casca comes to detests Guts and has found comfort with Farnese. As Casca travels, completely oblivious to her surroundings, Guts and company keep a close watch over her. She has put herself in grave danger many times but Guts' group has yet to fail to come to her rescue and protect her. She seems to slowly be warming up to Guts again even coming to his side when he is unconscious to watch him. Casca's well being is the driving force for Guts to keep himself from reverting to a revenge-obsessed wanderer. While outside Vritanis, the Skull Knight revealed that her mental state may be cured at their final destination, Elfhelm, by the King of the Flower Storm.

It should be noted during the ending events of the Dreamcast game, Sword of the Berserk, Casca briefly regained her sanity due to her ordeal with the mandragora. She remembers Guts and the love they had prior to the Eclipse.

The Band of Hawks (Original)[edit]

The original Band of Hawks during the Golden Arc who Griffith branded them all with Brands of Sacrifice to be devoured by demons during the Elipse ritual. With Ricket the only member their group to not be taken into the nexus, only Guts and Casca survived yet haunted by the hell they witnessed.


Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese, TV series), Yūki Kaji (Japanese, movies), Christopher Kromer (English, TV series)

Judeau (ジュドー Judō?) was part of the original Band of the Hawk and was a former circus performer, which was the background for his prowess in knife-throwing. He was one of Griffith's most valued fighters, but his greatest strength came from his ability to read the emotions of other people, as shown by him being the first to notice the growing bond between Guts and Casca, even before the two themselves. Quiet, calm, and practical, Judeau was often the voice of reason when handling the more volatile Hawks like Corkus. Noble and generous, Judeau usually put his companions in the band above him, showing himself to be at ease with understanding matters of the heart and inquiring the true intentions of those who surround him. Judeau himself admitted that he was pretty good at a lot of things but was not a stand-out in any of them. His honesty and down-to-earth personality made him a kind of "average joe" character that people could easily identify with. Throughout his tenure with the Band of the Hawk, he was secretly in love with Casca, but he never acted on it out of respect for Guts and Casca's feelings for each other. He died during the Eclipse, sacrificing himself for Casca in order to keep her, the leader of the Hawks, alive. In his final moments, Judeau questions what his last words should be, and settles with telling Casca that it is ok to cry. As he falls down he mourns over the fact that Casca never saw him as anything other than useful.


Voiced by: Masuo Amada (Japanese, TV series), Takahiro Fujiwara (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), Jeff Ward (English, TV series), Patrick Seitz (English, movies) (English)

Pippin (ピピン Pipin?) is a massive man who wields an equally massive mace. A former miner who lent his strength to the old Band of the Hawk, his fast reactions and raw strength saved the skin of the Hawks on many occasions. Despite his massive physical stature, Pippin proves to be a kind and patient individual, as shown when he dragged Guts to the festivities, keeping his cool even when Guts hit him and made him bleed. A man of few words, which, along with his appearance, might have others wrongly doubt his intelligence. He was often associated with Rickert, who he seemed to share a big-brother relationship with. During the Eclipse, he held off an Apostle while Casca and Judeau tried to escape. Pippin's hollowed out, lifeless corpse was seen by Guts one last time before the Count rips him in half.


Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura (Japanese, TV series), Yoshiro Matsumoto (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), Marc Sebastian (English, TV series), Doug Erholtz (English, movies) (English)

Corkus (コルカス Korukasu?) was a loud-mouthed delusions of grandeur, a former leader of a band of thieves before he joined the Band of the Hawk as one its longest running members. He was the one who first tried to assault Guts in order to rob him of the money earned defeating Bazuso, but failed miserably, making Casca, followed by Griffith, step in. Since then, Corkus held a grudge against Guts and never fully accepted him as a Hawk. Surprisingly, when Casca and Rickert blamed Guts for Griffith's capture, Corkus refused to agree with them due to his belief that they overestimated Guts' importance to the Band. Despite his unappealing nature, Corkus was one of the most loyal members of the Band of the Hawk. During the Eclipse, fleeing for his life while his allies are being attacked, Corkus goes into denial from the shock of the surrounding hell before he is killed by a nameless female apostle who swallows his head. Guts would later avenge Corkus when he crosses paths with the apostle at the start of the Black Swordman arc, feigning to have fallen into her sexual trap.


Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese, TV series), Minako Kotobuki (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), Michelle Newman (English)

Rickert (リッケルト Rikkeruto?) was the youngest in the old Band of the Hawk, a child who is one of the few surviving members of the original Band of the Hawk as he was not present at Griffith's rescue and the Eclipse event that followed. In the aftermath, left in the dark of what truly happened, Rickert became an apprentice of the blacksmith Godo over the next two years while forging a sword in memory of his fallen comrades to serve as grave markers on a hill that is later called "The Hill of Swords". Rickert tweaked Guts's armor and replaced his old crossbow with a repeating crossbow. But when Guts confronts Griffith at at the Hill of Swords, Rickert learned how the latter's act condemned Judeau, Pippin, and Corkus to painful deaths while Guts and Casca suffered a greater fate. Even still, Griffith offered Rickert a position in the new Band of the Hawk. After the death of Godo and the destruction of his mine by Zodd, Rickert travels with Godo's adopted granddaughter Erica to Falconia. There, despite accepting Griffith's generosity and seeing the good he has been doing for the people, Rickert could not fully forgive him and declines his offer to the New Band of the Hawk. In the anime, possibly due to English errors, Rickert's name is given as "Ricket", lacking the "R", and is addressed as such in the show.

Guts's Party[edit]


Voiced by: Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese), Cam Clarke (English)

Puck (パック Pakku?) is a Wind spirit from Elfhelm, a utopia on Skellig Island in the Western Sea. Elves in Berserk can only be seen by the open-minded; the devoutly religious cannot see Puck at all, though he can play with their face unbeknownst to them. Puck can secrete a powder from his wings to quickly heal wounds and can emit a bright flash to blind enemies. On occasion, he also resorts to his "Bloody Needle" attack, tossing a chestnut at someone. It deals no injury, but is painful enough to prompt most victims to cry out. Puck was the first to join Guts' journey, and is starting to show a strange attachment to the Behelit Guts took upon his battle with the Count.

Puck often serves as comic relief along with Isidro. The two are frequently drawn in an exaggerated manner. He is very angry when he ever is mixed up with a Pixie or Fairy quick to state the difference. He also seems to have a brother-sister relationship with the newest comic relief character the female elf Ivalera.

Farnese do Vandimion[edit]

Voiced by: Yūko Gotō

Farnese do Vandimion (ファルネーゼ・ド・ヴァンディミオン Farunēze do Vandimion?) is a noblewoman who led the Holy See's ceremonial guard, the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Since this position has been traditionally held by a woman, Farnese was appointed during her stay at the convent she was sent to by her father, Federico do Vandimion. A bit of a pyromaniac (and possibly a pyrophiliac), Farnese's habit of maniacally burning things she didn't like, along with her lack of empathy due to her poor upbringing provoked her to hunt down and burn supposed witches and pagans at the stake. This fueled a secret sadistic pleasure that she constantly tried to deny. She and Serpico left their Holy See positions after her faith was shattered during the devastation of Albion and the events surrounding Griffith's reincarnation. She then chose to follow Guts in hopes of learning more about the world and has changed into a more sympathetic human being. Since then, Farnese has begun to study witchcraft under Schierke's tutelage. Farnese also seems to have developed a crush on Guts which becomes evident in chapter 287 and 288 of the manga. Farnese is primarily Casca's care taker and thus rarely involves herself in battles. She and Casca both received enchanted chain mail shirts made of silver as well as a silver short sword for protection against creatures from the astral plane. During Ganishka's raid on Vritanis, she also received a trio of snake-like homonculi created by Schierke from thorn vines which Farnese remote controls with a vine ring.


Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima

Serpico (セルピコ Serupiko?) is Farnese's companion and unbeknownst to her, her paternal half-brother. During his time with the Holy See, Serpico was Herald for the Holy Iron Chain Knights. When aggressive, Serpico belies his meek appearance and is comparable to a fox due to his shrewd observation and speed with a rapier. Despite Farnese's childhood abuse and her forcing him to burn his own mother at the stake, he cares deeply for his half-sister. Serpico was her servant since she found him beaten on a snowy street over a decade ago. Serpico's relationship with Guts has forever been plagued with animosity, due in large part to the dangers that inevitably surround Guts and anyone he takes into his Band. After a duel with Guts in the underground pillars of Vritannis, Guts spared his life. Their bond rekindled, and Serpico has since learned to trust Guts to protect her when he can not. Serpico uses two items blessed by the wind spirit Sylph in order to battle with tolerance alongside Guts: a rapier that can generate razor sharp gusts of wind; and a cloak that constantly generates a swirling vortex around its wearer which can deflect projectiles, assist in jumping, and slow falls from great heights.


Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino

A young runaway and petty thief, Isidro (イシドロ Ishidoro?) left home and family behind in order to become a swordsman. After Guts saves him from an attack of Kushan Bakirakas, he follows him around "to spy out his technique". Although Isidro greatly lacks in swordsman skills, he is an exceptional thrower, managing to kill two pigeons with a double-handed throw at great distance. It is suggested that he has underlying issues regarding his parents, when they are inquired about he becomes more stiff, defensive, and belligerent, and avoids the topic completely. What these issues are have yet to be revealed. He later receives from Flora the Salamander dagger, a weapon blessed by the spirits of fire which sears whatever it cuts. and also receives an inherited cutlass from an old villager as a gift. He often bickers with Schierke who finds him reckless and ill-mannered.

Like Puck, Isidro serves mostly as a comic relief character. He's most likely inspired by Dororo.


Voiced by: Yukana

Schierke (シールケ Shīruke?) is a young witch-in-training, a disciple of the witch Flora. She is accompanied by an elf, Ivalera. She aided Guts's group with a troll infestation in the nearby village Enoch, where she showed how powerful magic can be in Berserk. After a series of events, Schierke was forced to leave her home and Flora behind forever when they faced an attack Griffith ordered. Schierke, having lived a sheltered life, doesn't like the Human world or the Holy See's religion, but she finds life outside bearable due to her companions. Her magic skills and knowledge of the world are impressive for a child her age. One of her most used and handiest spells is the ability to hypnotize or temporarily desensitize others. But due to her youth, she tends to exhibit dangerous over zealousness. Her ability to sense "Od" (life force or spirit energy) means she can sense the power, intent, and alignment of all creatures and artifacts.

As she sees Isidro as an incompetent monkey, there is some friction between the two, which frequently lends itself to comic situations. Though she initially couldn't stand Guts, Schierke has developed a slight infatuation with him and both now share a father-daughter relationship. When Sonia gave her an offer to join the Band of the Hawk, Schierke thought of Guts before declining. Their journey together constantly brings them into ever deeper understanding. When Guts answered Rodrick question about Casca being Guts woman, Schierke felt uneasy about it at first due to her infatuation with him, but later stated that she was fine with it as she have something just between her and him, referring to her ability to maintain his sanity while using the power of the Berserker Armor.

Side Note Schirke linked minds for only a moment to bring Guts back from a rage while in the Berserker Armor. It was shown that she saw in the least bit glimpses of what happened during the Eclipse and was brought to tears by the tragedy.


Voiced by: Yukari Tamura

Ivalera (イバレラ Ibarera?), is an elf who was tasked by Flora to oversee Schierke during her time as an apprentice. She has remained with Schierke since Flora's demise. She often provides information about Schierke's state to the other members of Guts' party while Schierke is in a spell trance. She has slightly diminished from this role and become a third comic relief character. She especially enjoys teasing Shierke about her crush on Guts and has common minor feuds with Puck with whom she has developed a close brother-sister relationship.


The God Hand[edit]

Powerful entities who manipulate the world of Berserk, messengers of the Idea of Evil (the God created by Man) who appear before those with activate a Behelit. Like Apostles, members of the God Hand were once humans who were chosen by the Idea of Evil through crimson behelits to serve its purpose of giving reason for humanity's suffering. Around two hundred and sixteen years, a ritual known the Eclipse occurs with a new member recruited, as was the case with Griffith, with a mass sacrificial offering. Unlike the Apostles who serve them, the members of the God Hand can not take a true corporeal form in the mortal plane unless through an Incarnation Ceremony that occurs once a century with the one who invoked it offering his body as permanent vessel for the God Hand to manifest through after offering a mass sacrificial offering. Most of the God Hand's names are inspired by Science-Fiction novels. The God Hand appeared in shadowy form at Albion, although Guts discovered that he could not physically touch them as the Incarnation Ceremony restored Griffith's physical form. In chapter 306, the rest of the God Hand reappeared in Griffith's new and fantastic world after Ganishka's defeat.


Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese, TV series), Shinji Ogawa (Japanese, movies), John Avner (English)

Void (ボイド Boido?) is a member of the God Hand with a large, exposed brain, eyes stitched shut and lips peeled back. He is the most philosophical God Hand member and is primarily concerned with analyzing and controlling the course of destiny. Void is the one who brands the sacrifices made by tortured souls in order for them to become apostles and achieve their dream. His cloak and body seem to be distorted and he has the power to open up a sort of interdimensional mirror portal at his own will. Also notable, he has six fingers on each hand. An interesting thing to notice is that, apparently, the Skull Knight views in Void an nemesis or, at least, a sworn enemy. The heavily suggested, but never fully revealed, fact that as a mortal Void could have been a powerful prelate, possibly the same Cardinal that sacrificed the Skull Knight and the first Midland Empire to become one of the Hand of God could explain such a rivalry. In the anime, Void also has the role of narrator, introducing each episode and previewing the next. Although seemingly inspired by the Martians of Mars Attacks he appeared in 1991 whereas the film was released in 1996. Yet, the film is based on a trading card series by the same name, that was released in 1962.


Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese, TV series), Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese, movies), C.L. Jones (English, TV series), Simone Montgomery (English, movies)

The female member of the God Hand, Slan (スラン Suran?), also known as the Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea, takes on the form of a naked woman with black leathery wings and vine-like hair. She is a sadomasochist who thrives on cruelty and the effect it has on those who observe it. She appears to have a fascination with Guts since Griffith's induction, her interest in him growing since his victory over the Count to the point of momentarily manifesting in the Qliphoth to confront him and feed on his negative emotions. As Slan expressed her desire for Guts to join the God Hand, though she is reminded by another member that it is impossible, she tempts him to use the behlit he stole from the Count. Her interest is probably derived from her sadomasochistic tendencies from how much Guts suffers in his journey. She also owns a splinter cult of depraved worshipers under the moniker "The Goddess Of Blazes". Her name is borrowed from A. E. van Vogt's Slan.


Voiced by: Chafurin (Japanese, TV series & movies), Christian Collingwood (English, TV series), Liam O'Brien (English, movies)

The God Hand Ubik (ユービック Yūbikku?) has the form of a small floating demon wearing glasses and having tentacle-like legs. Ubik appears to be a deceiver; he is able to conjure up images from the past to persuade potential Apostles to fulfill the ritual of sacrifice. It is he who convinced Griffith to join the God Hand as Femto. His name is borrowed from Philip K. Dick's Ubik.


Voiced by: Toku Nishio (Japanese, TV series), Rikiya Koyama (Japanese, movies), Sean Schemmel (English)

Conrad (コンラッド Konraddo?) is concerned with inevitability and doom and appears as a puckered human face with the body of a massive wood louse. He summoned the mound that lifted Griffith skyward, above the rest of the Hawks. Compared to the rest of the God Hand, Conrad is a stoic individual whose only desire is to spread pestilence to the mortal world, having partially manifesting in diseased rats to wipe out the populace of a town in Western Midland with the Black Plague. His name is borrowed from Roger Zelazny's ...And Call Me Conrad.

The New Band of Hawks[edit]

After returning to the physical plane, Griffith establishes a new Band of the Hawks.


Voiced by: Kenji Utsumi (Japanese, TV series), Kenta Miyake (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), J. David Brimmer (English) (English, TV series & movies), Peter Lurie (English, Sword of the Berserk)

Zodd (ゾッド Zoddo/Head of Dzo?), also known as Nosferatu Zodd, or Zodd the Immortal, an apostle who has lived for three centuries fighting countless battles in search of worthy opponents. Zodd has the ability to transform from his bestial human-like form into a more menacing creature, resembling that of a Baphomet with the face and tail of a tiger along with a pair of bat-like wings that he can retract and grow at will. Zodd first encountered and defeated Guts and Griffith during a castle raid, ultimately deciding to spare them upon realizing Griffith's crimson behelit and Guts' inevitable fate. Zodd has had a long-standing rivalry with Skull Knight, along with Guts as he increasingly became a more capable opponent - this went to the extent of throwing his sword to Guts when Guts' own was destroyed in a duel with General Boscogn of the Purple Rhino Knights of Chuder. Zodd eventually found the "Ultimate Strong One" in Griffith, instantly being defeated by the Hawk of Light within a dream and costing him his left horn. Afterwards, his search for his ultimate opponent was over, he swore his servitude to Griffith in the new Band of the Hawk. He serves the new Band in many of the same roles that Guts served in the old one, including being Griffith's right-hand man, most trusted confidant, and strongest warrior. Zodd's ability to fly made possible both Griffith's rescue of Charlotte and Guts' attack on Ganishka at Vritannis.

As both a reminder of his defeat and to make the fact he is a replacement of Guts in this new band of Hawk very clear, his left horn has never regrown like Guts' missing left arm. His reason for joining the band of Hawk is much like Guts' also mainly because he was defeated by Griffith.

Zodd's physical appearance in human form strongly resembles that of Street Fighter character Akuma.


Voiced by: Tesshō Genda

Grunbeld, known in Japan as Gurunberd (グルンベルド Gurunberudo?), is a member of the reformed Band of the Hawk, and an exceedingly strong apostle. He is a giant, red-haired man in scale plate armour that resembles a dragon and armed with a warhammer and a shield containing a hidden cannon. He is renowned as a famous war veteran in the northern part of the continent where he apparently held ground against a superior, overwhelming force of three thousand from Chuder, lasting for months on end. He fought Guts at Flora's manor; at first easily defeating Guts already battle ravaged body but was forced to reveal his Apostle form after Guts became possessed by the Berserker Armor. In this form, Grunbeld is a quadruped dragon whose outer shell is composed of stylized corundum crystal formations harder than steel and is able to exhale flames from his mouth.

Being a towering and hulking warrior and the strongman of the new hawks, he could pose as a counterpart to Pipin.


Locus (ロクス Rokusu?), known as the Moonlight Knight, is another of Griffith's new generals in the Hawks. He is undefeated in jousting and was too proud to serve anyone until he swore loyalty to Griffith, who was the object of a vision he experienced. In addition to being an apostle, he also leads the Band of the Hawk's demon lancer division. He seems, however, to retain the most humanity among the Apostle Army. His Apostle form merges him with his horse to form a metallic centaur, and his lance is transformed into a very long double-ended spear.

Noble, chivalrous and daring in battle, he could be a reversed counterpart of Corkus, as it would also be suggested by the inversion of the first syllabe ("l" and "r" being the same in Japanese).


Irvine (アーヴァン Āvain?) is a prominent archer in the new Band of the Hawks. He has never spoken to anyone on page but Sonia. His eyes have neither pupils nor irises. (His monstrously shaped bow has a demonic eye in the middle of its handguard.) A self-described hunter and loner, he prefers to camp out in the woods whilst indulging in his only known pleasure: playing the lute by the campfire. Irvine's precision with the bow is peerless. He is able to fire off several arrows simultaneously with unerring accuracy. The bow itself seems to funnel quite a bit of power into its arrows; foes hit at the neck find themselves headless. In his Apostle form his legs are replaced by a large wolf creature with horns and the same demonic eye as his bow and his body is now covered in fur and his face looks similar to that of a werewolf. In this new form he is able to remove and twist his tail hairs into arrows and his horns can be used as a crossbow with string made from the horns. Once these arrows from his tail pierce the target they suddenly grow unusually large spikes with the shape of a root that perforate the target's body completely. He has formed a close bond with Sonia, who has taken to riding him as a mount during the final battle with Ganishka. With his calm demeanor and his affinity for ranged weapons, he could be considered the counterpart of Judeau.


Raksas (ラクシャス Rakushasu?) is a leader within the new Band of the Hawk, with a history as an exiled member of the Kushan Empire's Bākiraka Clan. He covers his entire body with a black cloak and his face with a white mask with three holes for eye sockets. It was he who exposed Silat and his two bodyguards to Emperor Ganishka's horrific process for the creation of his demon soldiers, the Dāka, and informed them their emperor isn't even human. His motives for doing this are unclear; he himself has admitted that he only joined Griffith's cause as to make sure no one would kill Griffith but him.


Sonia (ソーニャ Sōnya?) is part of Griffith's reformed Band of the Hawk and is extremely devout in her admiration of him. Her parents were killed when Kushans came to her village. She was held prisoner by them until Griffith, with his apostles, rescued her and others in an assault against the invading Kushans forces. Sonia, despite being surrounded in a surreal and sometimes horrific world, remains abnormally calm and shows no sign of fear for her life. On the contrary, she is amazed and cheerful about her position in the Hawks. She has the power of clairvoyance, which is amplified when she is near Griffith, with whom she has a childish infatuation and, because of this, is very jealous of Charlotte for being betrothed to Griffith. Sonia uses her ability to sense people's emotions and see visions of the future to aid in the new Band of the Hawk's campaigns. She befriended Schierke when they met in Vritanis and foresees they'll meet again: referring to Schierke as an owl and herself a kite playing in a moonlight forest. She also struck a close relationship with the distant Irvine.

Recently, when the human followers of Griffith refused to join Griffith's apostles in battle, Sonia charged heedlessly into battle and was saved only by a timely intervention by Irvine. Her brave deed rallied the others, and she now rides Irvine as a mount. After the establishment of Falconia, Griffith places Sonia in the church hierarchy as the new Pope.

Sonia is a very clear cut counterpart of Casca: both have been rescued by Griffith, and both have had crushes on him.


An adolescent Midland noble, Mule (ミュール Myũru?) ran into Sonia after his group of soldiers was saved by Irvine and the new Band of the Hawk from Kushans. Sonia brought him to meet Griffith; like most people who do so, he was amazed and immediately attracted to Griffith. Ever since that day, he has been Sonia's guardian, a role in which he endures constant frustration. Sonia referred to him as the "duck knight" and offered to promote him to "wild drake" class if he bested Captain Sharkrider.

He is this Band of the Hawks' equivalent to Rickert, a child who is not fully aware of what Griffith's intentions are and is given the duties of a squire.


Snake Baron[edit]

Voiced by: Kan Tokumaru (Japanese), Lex Wutas (English)

The mercenary known as Snake Baron (ヘビ男爵 Hebi Danshaku?) is an apostle who lived in Koka Castle, convincing the mayor of the nearby town to provide him with shipments of people, local prisoners, for consumption. As an apostle, Snake Baron becomes an anthropomorphic snake with his human face set inside the flesh of the snake's lower jaw, with the snake's tongue jutting from his own mouth. In the manga, Guts indifferently rescued Puck from some of Snake Baron's men, sparing one to send the message to his master that "The Black Swordsman has come." Guts is imprisoned and flogged by the mayor's men, but he escaped after Puck provides him with the keys to his cell. He then confronted Snake Baron, crippled him, and demanded to know the location of the God Hand. When Snake Baron could not provide an answer, Guts left the Apostle to die in a rapidly spreading fire. In the anime, he rescued the girl Collette instead, and his "message" provoked Snake Baron into attacking and slaughtering the village. In the anime only, Guts killed off Snake Baron's remaining men who didn't flee after seeing the Apostle assume his true form, and then Snake Baron himself, taking the Apostle's light green behelit as a prize (in the manga, Guts takes the Count's behelit). He appears primarily in the first manga chapter and the first episode of the anime.

The Count[edit]

The Count appeared as an extremely obese man in his human form who had an obsession with hunting down heretics. He became an apostle after he found his wife participating in a pagan orgy and invoked his behelit to escape the pain of her betrayal while offering her to the God Head, transformed into a giant caterpillar-like tentacled slug with a toothy maw and his human face embedded in 'forehead'. The Count first met Guts indirectly during the eclipse, having hollowed out Pippin's body to use a baiting lure before tearing the husk in half. Guts would later encounter the Count against when his court physician Vargas, who suffered mutilating torture while watching family devoured, presents Guts the Count's behelit for the mercenary's personal hunt for Griffith. The Count soon orders Vagras's execution, facing Guts in a battle that mortally wounds him with his blood spilt on the behelit. The God Hand offer the Count new life in return for his daughter Theresia. But the Count refused to give up his daughter and was dragged into the Abyss by Vargas after he became part of the chain of condemned souls. In the manga, Guts keeps the Count's behelit on his person.


Wyald (ワイアルド Waiarudo?) was the leader of the Black Dog Knights, a battalion most feared in the Midland as it is composed of criminals. His apostle form was a massive primate-like creature. Wyald was charged by the King of Midland to hunt down Griffith and his rescuers, the Band of the Hawk. Badly injured by Guts, he believed that his death could be averted if Griffith could be persuaded to use the crimson behelit to summon the God Hand; however, the king's torturer had taken it and thrown it away. Soon after, Wyald is killed by Zodd, and it is subsequently revealed he was a frail old man before he became an apostle. In the anime, he does not appear (the entire volume devoted to his battles removed or shortened for explicit content), but some of his lines are given to a human character who leads an attack on Griffith's rescue team and Corkus' relief corps.


Rosine (ロシーヌ Roshīnu?) was a young female apostle who sacrificed her parents to obtain the form of a female elf with the wings and antennae of a luna moth, as well as a small pair of moth-like limbs near her hips and a 'helmet' similar to the head of a luna moth. Her motivation for doing so was the legend of a child named Peekaf who believed himself an Elf and in doing so lost his human parents. She referred to herself as the Queen of the Elves and her true form is a monstrous female Luna Moth. Rosine is first seen by Rickert, who spots her hovering over the middle of a lake before the camp is attacked by other apostles, and she is seen standing apart from the horde as they devour the wounded Hawks and beckoning at her fellows to attack Rickert.

Dwelling in the Misty Valley, Rosine terrorized a nearby village, sending an army of pseudo-apostles familiars disguised as elves to eat the town's livestock and people, as well as capturing children that she would create more servants. Guts, Puck, and Rosine's former friend Jill travelled to the Misty Valley to confront Rosine, who offered to make Jill an elf apostle. Jill was tempted by the promise of flight, but was uneasy with the warlike ways of the elf demons who would kill each other for fun. Guts found and destroyed the elf demon cocoons, and an enraged Rosine battled Guts until she was so badly injured that she could no longer fight. As Guts was about to deliver a killing blow, Jill shielded Rosine with her body. It did nothing to stop Guts, but before he could act, Jill's father arrived and shot him with an arrow. Guts was then attacked by the Holy Iron Chain Knights, led by Farnese. Mortally wounded, Rosine finally understood the moral of Peekaf's fable and in her delirium attempted to return home to her parents but ultimately succumbed to her injuries and fell from the sky to her death. In some translations, she is referred to as Roshinu.

The Egg of the Perfect World[edit]

A deformed human with no name or knowledge of who he is, Nobody lived the life of an outcast by feeding on the refuse at the base of the Tower of Convinctions while curious of people. Shunned by the tower refugees when they first see him, Nobody dug a deep pit into the earth to hide himself from the world that the refugees used as a dumping hole for their dead. But when Nobody used the Behelit while being crushed by the corpses piling on him, he appears before the God Hand as they revealed the nature of the world to him. Nobody offers his own existence and St. Albion for the chance to purify the world for salvation. Thus the outcast is transformed into a living Behelit whose sole purpose is to invoke an Incarnation Ceremony at Albion to bring Griffith back to the mortal plane by using sacrifices to create a body from his own flesh. During the conviction arc, the Egg used his powers to turn several people around the tower into pseudo-apostles (including Father Mozgus and his torturers) before revealing himself to one of the camp prostitutes so that at least one person would know that he existed. As the moment of the ceremony draws near, the Egg found Guts' deformed Child near death from using its power to save Casca. Out of pity while knowing they both would die soon, the Egg swallowed the baby before later "hatching" Griffith once the Incarnation Ceremony had run its course.

Emperor Ganishka[edit]

Emperor Ganishka (ガニシュカ大帝 Ganishuka Taitei?) is the sorcerer king of the Kushan Empire, called by Sonia as the "King of the Crows". As the first born son of the previous king, Ganishka witnessed his mother's attempt to poison him in favor of his younger brother. Ganishka responded by murdering his own brother with his mother committing suicide while he becomes emperor after his father was assassination. Seeing fear as a means of survival, Ganishka establishes himself as a ruthless warlord of his land. It was only after his son he had with a woman nearly killed him that Ganishka became an Apostle with behelit donated to him by Dhaiva, offering his own son as payment to the God Head. In his apostle form, Ganishka transforms into a towering humanoid shaped cloud with only a few weaknesses and the ability to hurl lightning at his enemies. Unlike the other apostles, Ganishka did not see Griffith as his leader upon the Godhand's arrival to the physical world and acted on his own whims to restore the Kushan Nation to its former glory. But this process involved Ganishka having Dhaiva create an man-made Behelit by sewing the corpses of dead Apostles together to create his army of monsters and beasts to conquer Midland and then the world.

After turning the Midland capital of Wyndham into a literal hell on Earth, Ganishka next turned his attention to the Holy See's western stronghold of Vritanis with Griffith as the church's champion. Ganishka agrees to have his final battle with Griffith in Wyndham, using his man-made Behelit in a ritual that takes the life force of all caught in it to transform himself into a mountainous monstrosity of godlike power that Dhaiva called "Shiva". However, while gradually losing his mind in his state, Ganishka is destroyed by Femto warping the space around him while triggering the "World Transformation", his corpse crystalized into a giant tree with the created city of Falconia at its base.

The Royal Court of Midland[edit]

The King of Midland[edit]

Voiced by: Tamio Ōki (Japanese, TV series), Nobuyuki Katsube (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), Jeff Swarthout (English, TV series), Christopher Corey Smith (English, Movies) (English)

The elderly ruler of Midland who had been fighting a century long war with the neighbouring kingdom of Chuder. Burdened by the demands and responsibilities of his throne, the King's only comfort was his daughter Charlotte whom to him was the sole source of warmth in his existence. Due to the Band of the White Hawk's victories on the battlefield, the King supported Griffith despite his common heritage and the disapproval of the nobility and eventually bestowed upon him command over all of Midland's armies. However, after Griffith slept with Charlotte, the king became enraged and ordered that Griffith be imprisoned and tortured. He also ordered an attack on the leaderless Band of the Hawk, resulting in the Band's numbers being drastically reduced over the following two years. Driven to the brink of insanity by the fear of losing his only comfort, the king then proceeded to attempt to rape Charlotte who barely managed to fight him off. Afterwards, the guilt over what he had nearly done caused the King's health to slowly degrade to the point that his hair turned white and his body wasted away to skin and bones. When Griffith was rescued a year later by Guts and the surviving members of the Hawks; the king sent first a group of five Bakiraka, and then the Black Dog Knights led by Wyald to kill Griffith. Shortly before Griffith was reincarnated on Earth, the King's health had further faded to the point that he was unable to leave his bed anymore. In his final moments, he demanded to see his daughter, but Charlotte no longer recognized him as her father and refused to see him. Before he died, the King had a final vision of Griffith being reunited with Charlotte whereupon he realized the real reason he had supported Griffith was his hope that Griffith would take his place and free him from the cold loneliness of the throne.


Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (Japanese, TV series), Aki Toyosaki (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), Rachael Lillis (English TV series, Movie 1), Gina Bowes (English, Movies 2-3) (English)

Formerly the princess of Midland, Charlotte (シャルロット Sharurotto?) fell in love with Griffith almost at first sight. After Guts defeated Griffith in their duel, Griffith slept with Charlotte and was imprisoned and tortured for a year as a result. During that time, Charlotte continued to pine over Griffith and eventually was the one who provided the route for the Hawks to rescue him from prison. In the manga, she accompanied the rescue party with her maid Anna, but was poisoned by a dart from one of the Bakiraka and was brought back to the king. In the anime, however, Charlotte stayed behind. Two years after the Eclipse, Midland was conquered by the Kushans and she was taken prisoner by Ganishka with the view of becoming his wife. Even in captivity, she spent all of her time making embroidery portraits of Griffith, dreaming of his return. Soon after the events at Albion, Griffith did return for her and used Zodd to fly her and Anna out of captivity. She is currently traveling with the new Band of the Hawk alongside Griffith. She recently declared The Band of the Hawk to be Midland's Regular Army after their resounding victory against the Kushans in Vritannis. Sonia referred to her as the "Queen of the Ducks".


Voiced by: Ryūji Mizuno (Japanese, TV series), Rikiya Koyama (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), Dick Bunting (English, TV series), Jesse Corti (English, Movies) (English)

Julius (ユリウス Yuriusu?) was the brother of the king and the leader of the White Dragon Knights. He resented the rise of Griffith and the Band of the Hawk in the favor of the king, especially given Griffith's common heritage. As a result, he plotted with Minister Foss to kill Griffith by arranging for a stray arrow to be fired during a hunt. The plan went awry when the arrow struck Griffith's crimson behelit and the king concluded that the attack was meant for Princess Charlotte, who was accompanying Griffith. In retaliation, Griffith sent Guts to assassinate Julius. Guts managed the deed, but as he was escaping, Julius' son Adonis discovered him. Guts killed the boy before fleeing into the sewers. Julius' name is translated as Yurius in the anime.

The Queen of Midland[edit]

Voiced by: Toshiko Sawada (Japanese), Suzanne Gilad (English)

The queen was Charlotte's step mother. She disapproved of Charlotte's interest in Griffith and became angry at Griffith for plotting the death of her secret lover Julius. She agreed to a plan conceived by Minister Foss to poison Griffith's wine at a royal party. However, due to the manipulations of Griffith, the minister betrayed her and used a nonlethal drug to make Griffith only appear dead. As the queen and a group of co-conspirators celebrated Griffith's death at the top of a tower, Foss suddenly left and silently secured the door. The queen and the others began to panic as they realized that the tower was on fire. Glancing out a window, she saw Griffith, alive and well. The queen protested that Griffith, a commoner, could not be allowed to kill royalty. Griffith replied that on the battlefield, heritage does not matter, but only who is defeated. She dies after being crushed by falling debris.

Minister Foss[edit]

Voiced by: Masato Tsujimura (Japanese), Greg Miller (English)

Minister Foss (フォス Fosu?) is a master of court intrigue. He conceived of plots with both Julius and the queen to kill Griffith. However, after the death of Julius, Griffith discovered Foss' involvement with the queen because he detected a hint of fear in the look of the minister's eyes. Griffith kidnapped Foss' daughter Elise in order to ensure the minister's cooperation. After Foss helped Griffith end the queen's life, Griffith returned the minister's daughter to him, declaring that there should be no more enmity between them. After the Eclipse, Foss predicted that the visions of the White Hawk signify that Griffith will return. More recently, he has been seen in the company of Laban, discussing Griffith's return and upcoming confrontation with Ganishka.


Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese, TV series), Hochu Ohtsuka (Japanese, Movies) (Japanese), Sean Elias-Reyes (TV series), Marc Thompson (Movies) (English)

Laban (ラバン Raban?) was an early supporter of Griffith. He agreed with the king that Griffith should be judged on battlefield merit. After the Eclipse, he traveled about assisting victims of the plague. He is now assisting Griffith in his battle against Ganishka. Most recently, he led a rescue of a group of women who had been held prisoner by the emperor. His name is translated as Raban in the anime.


Voiced by: Naoki Bando (Japanese), Jason O'Connell (English)

Owen (オーウェン Ōwen?) believed that he could advance in the court by aligning himself with Griffith. On the eve of the king's death, Owen showed great concern about Charlotte's well-being, but he was denied permission to see her. At Vritanis, only Owen recognized Guts as the leader of the Hawk's Raiders. When Charlotte declared that the new Band of the Hawk was to be Midland's regular army, and Griffith Midland's general, Owen supported her, declaring to the other nobles that Griffith had a right to the position as Midland's former hero during the war with Chuder, and that Charlotte was well informed about Griffith's tactical ability.

Other characters[edit]


Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese, TV series), Yasunobu Iwata (Japanese, Movies) (Japanese), Robert Krakovski (English, TV series), Russell Nash (English, Movies) (English)

Guts' adoptive father, and leader of a mercenary band, Gambino (ガンビーノ Ganbīno?) trained Guts to be a mercenary like himself and even gave Guts his first scar (across his nose) when he became insane. Gambino was later hit by a cannon blast in battle and lost his leg and the ability to fight. This incensed his anger towards Guts even further, as he also blamed Guts for the death of his lover, Shisu. Gambino became drunk one night and tried to kill Guts in a fit of rage, only to be killed by Guts with his own sword. He constantly haunts Guts during his early years before the massacre of the original Band of Hawk.

Adon Coborlwitz[edit]

Voiced by: Tesshō Genda (Japanese, TV series), Rikiya Koyama (Japanese, movies) (Japanese), Mike Pollock (English)

Adon (アドン Adon?) was a principal opponent of the original Band of the Hawk during the war between Midland and Chuder. He commanded the Blue Whale Ultra Heavy Armored Fierce Assault Annihilation Knight Corps (referred to in the anime as the Blue Whale Super Strong Heavy Assault Knights). He regularly bragged about special attacks and defenses that he called "Coborlwitz family secrets", such as "Bakuretsu Funsai", a 300 year old fleeing technique, and "Ressha Jinrai", a 1000 year old crossbow sneak attack. After Adon fought Casca and goaded her with sexist comments, she fell off a cliff, dragging along Guts, who was trying to prevent her from falling. Adon and a hundred of his men, including his much bigger and stronger little brother Samson Coborlwitz, eventually located Guts and Casca. Guts managed to kill most of them by himself, earning the nickname "The Hundred Man Killer". Adon escaped but was sent away from the main battlefield because of his disgrace. As it turned out, he was well positioned to thwart Griffith's true aim, the capture of the castle of Doldrey. A force under Casca attacked the lightly defended castle. She dueled with Adon, and he succeeded in poisoning her. In desperation, she leaped over him, turned around, and cut him down. Casca's forces captured the castle, allowing Griffith to claim victory. In the anime, Adon has two additional scenes. In the first, he attempted to lure Griffith in range of a hidden explosive cache; however, Guts warned Griffith in time and the plan was foiled. In the second, Griffith sent Guts into a castle occupied by Adon's men, with orders to open the gates from the inside. When Guts succeeded, a force led by Griffith rode through the opened gate and took control of the castle.

The Skull Knight[edit]

Voiced by: Tsutomu Isobe (Japanese, video game), Akio Ohtsuka (Japanese, movies), Jamieson Price (English, movies)

The Skull Knight (髑髏の騎士 Dokuro no Kishi?) is one of the most mysterious and prolific characters introduced in Berserk, a towering warrior dressed in full armor whose ornaments, especially his helmet (if it even is a helmet, or his own head), are shaped as parts of a human skeleton, hence his moniker, who rides a massive, ghostly black horse. Though ominous and macabre, he is an enemy of the Godhand and its acolytes, hunting down Apostles and devouring their Behelits; especially bitter is his rivalry with Zodd the Immortal, whom he was often showed to overwhelm with ease. He wields a powerful sword that, when stuck down his throat, becomes a terrible, Behelit-coated blade capable of slashing rifts through reality itself, thus allowing the Skull Knight to move freely around the world or even between different dimensions. This enigmatic knight saved Guts in more than one occasion, notably during the infamous Eclipse which saw Griffith become a member of the Godhand or when Slan almost slaughtered him, though he never explained why, simply declaring that the Struggler (the way he calls Guts) has to keep following his fate. It is heavily speculated that, during his life as a mortal, the Skull Knight was in fact Gaiseric, the warlord that unified the Midlands and became its first Emperor, notorious for his helmet whose shape was that of a human skull and whose ambitions 'prompted God to send four (or five) Angels' (implied to be related to the Godhand) to punish him. He was the wearer of the Berserker's Armor, and knew the witch Flora. During the duel between Griffith and Ganishka he suddenly appeared out of thin air through a dimensional rift, trying to land a fatal blow on the Hawk, only to see it diverted on the writhing body of the Kushan Emperor.


Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese), John White (English)

Silat (シラット Shiratto?) is a highly skilled and agile Kushan fighter first encountered by Guts in the Golden Age arc. He wields exotic weapons including chakrams, Katars (कटार) and urumi. His combat style is similar to kalaripayat, though Guts has referred to him as a circus performer due to Silat's exotic appearance, acrobatics and his almost theatrical tendency to call out his attacks. Silat and Guts first met prior to the Eclipse in a fight tournament at a carnival to determine who would lead a band of mercenaries to finish off a very battered and demoralized Band of the Hawk. When a victorious Guts refused to claim the prize, Silat, as runner-up, took on the job, which led to his second defeat. Years later, it is revealed that Silat is the leader of the Bākiraka clan, and that he is working under Emperor Ganishka in order to restore his people to their rightful place. To do this, he has tried to find and capture Griffith, but was unsuccessful in the task. However, after he witnessed how his emperor creates his demon soldiers, the Dāka, and saw Ganishka's frightening sorcery while the emperor himself fought off Griffith's apostle lancers, he may be questioning his sworn allegiance. A Kushan engineer of Griffith's named Jaris offered Silat a position in the Band of the Hawk, but Silat has thus far not accepted, showing an apparent disdain for blind obedience in demi-gods. His name is borrowed from the martial art silat.

His clan almost all utilize the same style of acrobatics and precision attacks with exotic weapons, such as toothed-swords, bladed discs, and the like, and defeat Midland infantry with ease, only meeting their match (understandably) against foes such as Guts, or, on one occasion, the Apostle Zodd. Among the clan, however, are four men who fight in a dramatically different style more suiting their towering frames and nubs of swollen bone near their big toes, index fingers, knees, and elbows (the striking points in their attacks). They are shown not only to be blindingly fast, but also capable of smashing through bone and steel armor alike with their strikes, much of which resembles the real-world Hung Ga fighting style, which emphasizes low stances and powerful hand strikes, though they use their legs as well. Two of them are present at the time when Silat is shown the Apostle-construct that creates the Kushan monsters, but a total of four have been shown at a single time. None have ever been shown killed in combat.

Guts and Casca's child[edit]

A nameless entity who was conceived by Guts and Casca shortly before the eclipse, corrupt by the essence of Griffith when he violated Casca after his ascension as Femto. The result had the child born prematurely as a disfigured fetus-like abomination the size of a rat who disappeared before Guts could kill it. The Demon Child acts more out of instinct than intelligence and as a result is compellingly drawn to its parents. It also possesses unknown magical powers as during the Tower of Convictions Arc, it appeared to Casca several times to erect a barrier that repelled whatever demons or undead that were threatening its mother, igniting suspicions that Casca was employing witchcraft. But it also drained the child of its life force and placed it on the brink of death where it was found by the Egg of the Perfect World who took it inside of itself. As a result, the Demon Child became part of Griffith's new physical body with its need to protect Casca part of Griffith's psyche.

Later, Guts' party came across a young boy who bares similarity to Guts and Casca along with an attraction to both of them. When Guts began to be consumed by the Berserker Armor during a fight with Ganiska's monsters, the boy was able to telepathically call him back to his senses before vanishing as mysteriously as he appeared. The boy was also able to prevent Ganiska's monsters from entering the structure the group was hiding in with a single look, showing that the monsters probably felt a superior being in front of them, likely that the child had absorbed some of Griffith's powers due to being in the same womb of which Griffith was reincarnated out of. He has most recently appeared on the parties journey to Elfhelm, appearing suddenly on an island that Roderick's ship docked at. He had been taken along by Casca.


Azan (アザン Azan?) is a former member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights who served as Farnese's second-in-command. He was named to this position because Farnese was not considered to be sufficiently experienced to lead without supervision. He is a round, bald and bearded middle aged man devoted to chivalry and duty, but he nevertheless questioned the Holy See's methods of dealing with supposed heretics. Effectively wielding a metal quarterstaff, he has shown great skill with it in combat against Guts and various other abnormally skilled or strong fighters. He also shows a great sense of chivalry, as he challenges Guts to a one-on-one duel and, afterwards, when the other members of the Holy Iron Chain Knights wish to kill the incapacitated Guts for having killed their comrades, Azan lambastes them for having such a weak sense of honor, stating specifically that, "If a man has collapsed with his sword still drawn, he is the same as a man who has sheathed his sword."

Guts reveals upon their first encounter some information of Azan's former life: even before joining the Vatican forces, he was an exceptionally noble knight with very virtuous intentions at heart. He earned his nickname (and the fame that came with it) 'The Bridge Knight' (as well as the decidedly less-savory nickname 'Iron Staff Demon Azan') after he came across an old man defend a small bridge, harassed by bandits. He fought the bandits for hours, laughing all the while, only stopping once they retreated. This feat earned him a reputation comparable to that which Guts earned by slaying one hundred of Adon's mercenaries, but Azan had given up that title, along with his formal knighthood, when he joined the Holy Iron Chain Knights.

At Albion, Azan fought alongside the surviving knights to try and hold off the hordes of crazed cultists and flesh-consuming blobs, and survived only because falling debris from the crumbling tower knocked him unconscious and buried him. Since Griffith's reincarnation at Albion, he parted ways with Farnese and Serpico, only to re-emerge in Vritanis, still staying true to the noble and proud virtues of a knight: to defend the weak and punish the wicked without question. He was expelled from his Order (and possibly excommunicated) due to the disastrous events that took place at Albion. Presently, he accompanies Guts and company on their sea voyage, earning his spot on board by swabbing the deck, and taking some time off to train young Isidro in the ways of combat.


Jill came from a village terrorized by Misty Valley demons the villagers identified as elves. Her father was drunken and abusive to her and her mother. Guts and Puck rescued her from a man who was about to try out an old sacrifice ritual on her. She took them to her village, where the villagers became alarmed by the appearance of Puck. Jill met up with Guts and Puck after they fled and told them the elves eat livestock and people and carry away children. After the elves attack the village and Guts uses a village boy to lure them into a trap, Jill identifies their leader as her childhood friend, Rosine. When the villagers turn on Guts again, he pretends to kidnap Jill, allowing him to leave peacefully. Jill and Guts set forth separately for the Valley, but Jill arrives first. Rosine takes Jill for a flight and offers to make her an especially powerful elf, but Jill puts her off due to the reckless savageness the elves exhibit. When Guts arrives, he burns Rosine's elf cocoons, hunts down the elves, and fights Rosine until she falls to the ground. When Guts tries to deliver the killing blow, Jill shields Rosine. Jill's father arrives, along with the Holy Iron Chain Knights, and Guts is driven away. Jill catches up to Guts, and asks him to take her with him. Guts tells her to go back to her father because the danger is too great. Puck gives Jill a stinging weapon she can use to keep her father in check as a parting gift.


Mozgus (モズグス Mozugusu?) was a fanatical priest whose symbol was a set of wheels, signifying his preferred method of execution. Mozgus had a smooth, blocky-looking face (which was due to a prayer ritual he performed every day that required him to slam his head upon the ground repeatedly) which became extremely wrinkled when he begins showing strong emotions. Extremely zealous, he captured and tortured large numbers of supposed heretics, forcing them to "confess" before summarily being executed. Mozgus was accompanied by a squad of disfigured or otherwise disabled torturers who double as his bodyguards. The torturers were unquestionably loyal to Mozgus who embraced them as being chosen by God where before they had known nothing more than scorn as social pariahs. During the Resurrection Arc, Farnese and the Holy Iron Chain Knights were assigned the task of guarding him after they allowed Guts to escape but Farnese gradually grew more and more disenchanted with Mozgus's methods. On the day of the Incarnation Ceremony, Mozgus announced his intention to burn Casca as a witch, causing Guts to attack him and his torturers. During the battle, the Egg of the Perfect World turned him and his torturers into pseudo-apostles resembling bird-like humanoids, which gave them and the onlooking crowd the illusion of their having been turned into angels. However, despite their newfound power, their transformation failed to save them as Guts killed first the torturers and then Mozgus himself. His body is last seen (reverted to human form with his death) engulfed in the fire he had been able to breathe while in his pseudo-apostle form, around which a handful of the refugees are crowded. The flames, even in death, provide them protection from the flesh-consuming mass that was consuming the area, and it is remarked that Mozgus seemed more a guardian angel in death than in life.


Luca (ルカ Ruka?) is the leader of a band of prostitutes at Albion. Red-haired and fiercely loyal to her charges, she is romantically linked to the Holy Iron Chain Knight Jerome. When Jerome gave her a necklace of pearls, she divided them evenly among her girls, believing that they could only survive the hysteria of the heretic hunts by eliminating any cause for jealousy. Luca took in the wayward Casca, calling the mute former Hawk commander Elaine. She covered Casca's face in bandages, pretending that Casca had contracted syphilis. When the cowardly prostitute Nina visited the nearby goat worshiping cult, and she threatened to turn Luca over to the worshipers, Luca smacked and then spanked the blond haired girl, causing her to submit. When Pepe, one of her prostitutes, was accused of heresy, Luca came to her defense. Luca and Pepe were saved from arrest by a timely appearance by Guts. When Guts discovered that Luca had seen Casca, Luca attempted to reunite him with Casca, but she could not since Nina had taken the mute girl to the cult. When Casca and Nina were taken to Mozgus, Luca bribed a guard to allow her to enter the monastery. While Guts was looking for Casca, Luca released Nina from her imprisonment. After Isidro challenged Mozgus to release Casca, one of the priest's torturers attacked, causing Luca to fall. Nina grabbed Luca and tried to hold her, but Luca let go. Luca was spared injury because she was caught by the Skull Knight. She then met the Egg of the Perfect World, who explained his purpose to her. When Albion was being overrun by monsters, Luca hid Nina in a barrel and herself in a well. As a result, Luca and Nina survived the carnage. More recently, Luca has a position of authority in Griffith's new capital.


Voiced by: Sumi Shimamoto

Flora (フローラ Furōra?) is Schierke's mistress, who taught her in the arts of magic and Od. In addition to being a powerful witch of indeterminate age, she is an old friend of the Skull Knight, whom she sees as "still having a human heart." This would imply that Flora knew the Skull Knight before he took on his current ghoulish form. Prior to her living in the woods outside Enoch village, she wandered the land, helping people with her magic until the Holy See's influence drove her into reclusion. During their journey to the sea, Guts and his party were recruited by Flora to aide in the extermination of a troll infestation that threatened the nearby villages and forest. In exchange, she provides them with several magical items as well as special tattoos for Guts and Casca which dampen the signal transmitted by the brand of sacrifice. She dies when Griffith sends apostles to hunt down anyone powerful enough to oppose him, her spirit appearing a final time before Schierke as she possessed the flames the Apostles had lit to consume her and her home to create a barricade between them and Guts's party, thereby allowing them to escape.

Federico do Vandimion[edit]

Federico do Vandimion (フェデリコ・ド・ヴァンディミオン Federiko do Vandimion?) is the head of the illustrious Vandimion family, the wealthiest noble clan in Berserk. He is father to Farnese, Serpico, Manifico, Georgio and Politiano. Apparently a cold uncaring man, he was always working hard to ensure his vast fortune is secure, leaving no time to raise Farnese properly. In truth, he was actually frightened of his ill-tempered daughter, as revealed by his wife to Farnese. His uncaring behavior towards his family is likewise returned to him, with the exception of Farnese, who asked Guts to protect her family when Kushan beasts invaded a ball to massacre the attending nobility. Years ago he had an affair, the result of which is none other than Serpico: he granted him a noble title in exchange for his silence on the matter of their relation.

Manifico do Vandimion[edit]

Manifico do Vandimion (マニフィコ・ド・ヴァンディミオン Manifiko do Vandimion?) is the son of Federico and the brother of Farnese. Federico considers his other sons to be more competent than Manifico, and he has given Manifico the less important family duties as a result. Manifico arranged a marriage between Farnese and his friend Roderick in the hope of improving his standing. When Guts left for Elfhelm, Manifico accompanied him on board Roderick's ship. He has recently revealed to Roderick a plan to capture and breed the tiny inhabitants of Elfhelm for commercial purposes. Roderick has refused to aid his scheme, but Manifico has persuaded Puck to help by offering to make the elf the king of Elfhelm.

Roderick of Staufen[edit]

Roderick of Staufen (ロデリック・オブ・シュタウフェン Roderikku obu Shutaufen?) is the third prince of the island nation Eath, and is in a similar situation to his college friend Manifico de Vandimion in the sense that he does not get the respect he feels he deserves from his peers. As a sailor, he sees vast potential in the exploration of the seas, unlike his peers, who focus internally to the point of stagnation. As part of Magnifico's plan to join the Vandimion name with the royal Eath family, Roderick agreed to be Farnese's fiancé. His obvious motivations for this arranged marriage are the vast opportunities and support the Vandimion name could bring him, but he seems to take a personal interest in the heiress as well due to her reputation. Roderick, with his long black ponytail, his good looks and devil-may-care attitude, is an excellent charmer and a decent blade, and demonstrates a willingness to brave demons, even though he is ill equipped to take them on. He is currently ferrying Guts and company aboard his ship, on their way to Skellig.

Roderick and his crew also have a claim to fame on the high seas: His ship, the Sea Horse, downed 5 Tudor vessels on its own, thus earning Roderick the title of "Prince of the Seas".

Captain Sharkrider[edit]

Captain Sharkrider is the commander of a pirate ship. The stereotypical pirate captain, he attempted to go legit by trading in Kushan child slaves, putting him at odds with Schierke, who had decided to free them. Isidro, who was trying to keep the bold young witch from being burned at the stake, joined her crusade. Sonia admired her effort and joined her as well, bringing her guard Mule along. Mule attempted to fight the captain but was ill-suited for fighting on the swaying boat. The nimble Isidro fared much better and the captain offered to let the boy thief serve on his ship. Azan, asleep on the boat, was awakened and joined in the melee. Ultimately, the whole group of them forced Sharkrider to give up his slaves.

Once Roderick's ship was at sea, Sharkrider ordered an attack on the warship, ignorant that his enemy was much more than he could handle. Hopelessly out-gunned, Sharkrider was forced to retreat, his ship maimed almost to the point of sinking. In his lack of luck, he was caught in the wave of paranormal phenomena that flooded the world after Ganishka's death, and his whole crew was apparently massacred, turning into a band of pirate Apostles. He became something of a ghost, keeping his ship afloat even if totally destroyed and making it sink at will, only to have it travel underwater. Also, he gained the power of bizarre creatures of the seas, which he used in the second assault he led to Roderick, seeking vengeance. However, the plan fails, again, and Sharkrider orders his ship to submerge and escape destruction after Guts easily kills the massive kraken-like creature that Sharkrider commanded.

Humorously, his name is made reality by the figurehead of his ship: a skeleton pirate captain riding a shark. Also, it's revealed by Sharkrider himself that he became an emotional wreck following his defeat at the docks by Azan and Schierke, having failed to become a legitimate businessman (though via slave trading), he found that he'd lost his touch with piracy, as well. Guts party, particularly Isidro, are disgusted by how pathetic Sharkrider appears despite his ghoulish form, as he is reduced to hiding behind one of the gunwales of his ship and gnawing on a banister.


Dhaiva (Daiba) is chief among the sorcerers under Emperor Ganishka, formerly an ascetic who gave Ganishka the behelit that would make him an Apostle and desires a powerful kingdom ruled by magic. Dhaiva also created for Ganishka the man-made behelit used to create their army of monsters. He challenged Guts' group by conjuring a storm and summoning monstrous beasts from the seas, but even through his greatest sorceries, which included summoning tornadoes and a gigantic water spirit, he was defeated by the combined efforts of Guts and Shierke. Dhaiba was last seen riding atop a pterodactyl-like creature after Ganishka transformed into an entity he believed to be the deity Shiva, having used his magic to protect himself from the ritual. He is fate after Ganishka's death and the world's descent into fantastic chaos is currently unknown.

Video game characters[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage.
For more details on this topic, see Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō.


Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (Japanese), Paula Tiso (English)

Rita (リタ Rita?) is a travelling performer skilled in throwing knives and juggling. Her accomplice, Job was infected with Mandragora and her performing days were cut short when Guts killed him. Reluctantly at first, she eventually helps Guts out throughout the Chapter. She appears on the Dreamcast game version of Berserk.


Voiced by: Kenji Utsumi (Japanese), Earl Boen (English)

Balzac (バルザック Baruzakku?) is the baron of a village. Once a benevolent and protective leader to his subjects, he became obsessed with research on Mandragorans in process of finding a cure for his ailing wife, Annette. At the climax of the game, he turns into an apostle which is a multiple-headed monster.

Eriza and The Great Tree (Niko)[edit]

Voiced by: Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese), B. J. Ward (English)

Eriza (エリザ Eriza?) is a mysterious nun working with the Mandragoras. She opens up to Guts about the story of Niko, a child peasant who visited her cathedral regularly. She reveals that Niko dies on her doorstep, after being attacked badly by the bullies from the village. Eriza tells Guts and Rita of her distaste with normal human beings, and tries to reason with Guts, to stop him killing any more of the Mandragora people. Guts however, refuses her plea. She then runs to the Great Tree for help. The Great Tree is hidden in the Cathedral, who is revealed to be Niko. Sister Eriza is a Mandragora. A battle ensues in which both Niko and Eriza are beaten by Guts. Eriza attempts to flee with Niko, only to find the Mandragora village in flames. In desperation, she takes her own life, by running into the fire, with Niko in her arms.


Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi

Charles (シャルル Sharuru?) is a noble kid and an apostle original character created for the Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō 2004 game.


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