Griffith Island (Nunavut)

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Griffith Island
Location Northern Canada
Coordinates 74°34′59″N 095°29′59″W / 74.58306°N 95.49972°W / 74.58306; -95.49972 (Griffith Island)Coordinates: 74°34′59″N 095°29′59″W / 74.58306°N 95.49972°W / 74.58306; -95.49972 (Griffith Island)
Archipelago Queen Elizabeth Islands
Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Area 189 km2 (73 sq mi)
Territory Nunavut
Population Uninhabited

Griffith Island lies within the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of northern Canada's territory of Nunavut. It is one of the mid-channel islands in the western sector of Barrow Strait.[1]

Griffith Island lies directly across from the Inuit hamlet Resolute on Cornwallis Island, separated by the 6.5 mi (10.5 km) wide Resolute Passage.[2]

Capt. Horatio Austin, on board the Resolute and seeking the lost Sir John Franklin expedition, wintered off Griffith Island in 1851. Explorations that winter by second master, George F. McDougall, included McDougall Sound, the waterway to the north of Griffith Island.[3]

Griffith Island is 18 by 11 km (11.2 by 6.8 mi),[4] and 189 km2 (73 sq mi) in area.[5]

Since 1958, the southeast coast of Griffith Island has experienced uncommon change, from discontinuous flying spits to continuous fringing barriers.[6]


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