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Grigor Koprov (Macedonian: Григор Копров) (born September 30, 1943 in Ohrid, then in the Kingdom of Bulgaria)[1] is arguably one of the most famous Macedonian pop music composers. He has worked with many stars like Toše Proeski, Vlado Janevski, Marjan Stojanovski, Martin Vučić, Karolina Gočeva and Andrijana Janevska.

In 1997 he composed the song "Ne Zori Zoro" with which Vlado Janevski represented the Republic of Macedonia (as FYR Macedonia) at the Eurovision Song Contest 1998, the first contest for the Republic. Koprov has made many other attempts in the contest, with his songs failing to win the Macedonian National Final.

He is best known for his work with Macedonia's "Elvis" - Toše Proeski. Koprov composed Proeski's mega hits: "Sonce Vo Tvoite Rusi Kosi" ("The Sun in Your Golden Hair"), "Usni Na Usni" ("Lips on Lips"), and "Nemir" ("Restless," which was sung in duet with Karolina Gočeva).

He is also known as a composer for the famous Macedonian singer Maja Odžaklievska, with songs such as: "Julija," "Te ljubam ludo," "Niki," "Lidu lidu du," "Šila" and "Prosti mi."

Most recently, he wrote the song "Mojot Svet" which was a Macedonian entry performed by Karolina Gočeva at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.[2] He also composed a song ("Zastani, solzi izbrisi") for Aleksandar Belov.

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