Gregory of Tatev

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Gregory of Tatev
Commentary to David's psalms - portrait of Grigor Tatevatsi 1449.jpg
Grigor Tatevatsi (from a 15th-century Armenian manuscript)
Tmkaberd (now in Georgia
Died1409 or 1410
Venerated inArmenian Apostolic Church

Gregory of Tatev, or Grigor Tatevatsi (Armenian: Գրիգոր Տաթևացի) (1346–1409 or 1410) was an Armenian philosopher, theologian and a saint in the Armenian Apostolic Church. He was born in Tmkaberd (today in Georgia).[1]

Gregory was a faithful Monophysite, at a time when the Armenian church was building relations with the Miaphysite Roman Catholic Church. He wrote against uniting the Armenian church with Rome.[2]

In 1397, during perpetual invasions by the Timurids, he completed the Book of Questions, an basic and comprehensive theological outline.[2]

A monument to Tatevatsi was unveiled on October 16, 2010 in Goris, Armenia.[3][4]


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