Grigorescu, Cluj-Napoca

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Grigorescu (previously called Donath) is a district in the north-west of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The district was named after World War I General Eremia Grigorescu in the 1960s. The previous name, Donath, remains associated with the district due to Strada Donath (Donath Street) a main street running through the district.

Maintenance of the Someşul Mic River bed, with high rise communist buildings of Grigorescu visible in the rear.

Public transport[edit]

Grigorescu is served by eight of the main CTP bus lines. The 26, 26L, 27, 28, 28B, 30 and 41 run down Octavian Goga and Alexander Vlahuţă-Fântânele towards the city centre. The 43 run out of the city towards the supermarket Cora and Polus Centre Shopping Mall just outside Grigorescu (the also 28B continues on this route). A separate free bus run by the supermarket Cora also runs from Cora through Grigorescu to the city centre.

Map of the Grigorescu district.


The west of the Grigorescu district consists mostly of apartment blocks built in the communist era, with more traditional houses to the west. Notable buildings include the local headquarters of TVR (Romanian public television), the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, the National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technology (INCDTIM), and the Grand Hotel Napoca.

Coordinates: 44°56′N 27°22′E / 44.933°N 27.367°E / 44.933; 27.367