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Grigorijs Ņemcovs (Russian: Григорий Владимирович Немцов, Grigory Nemtsov; 11 December 1948 in Babruysk, Soviet Union (today Belarus) – 16 April 2010 in Daugavpils, Latvia) was a Latvian journalist, businessman and politician (deputy mayor of Daugavpils). He began his career in Daugavpils city council. He published a regional newspaper (Million) and owned a local television station.

Nemtsov founded Latvia's largest regional Russian-language newspaper, Million, in 1995. The paper has covered political and local government corruption and mismanagement.

He was the founder of the society movement Latgales Tauta (Nation of Latgale). In 2007, death threats were made against Nemtsov, and his house was burned down. The arsonists have not been identified. He was also physically attacked in 2000 by unidentified assailants who took his passport.

On 16 April 2010, Nemtsov was shot twice in the head at close range when he went to a meeting in a café. The murder appeared to have been carefully planned and executed. The gunman seemed to have been following Ņemcovs when he arrived at a café on Lacplesa Street near the University of Daugavpils. He was already dead when emergency services arrived at the scene. He was 61 years old.[1]


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