Grijó (Vila Nova de Gaia)

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Country Portugal
Municipality Vila Nova de Gaia
Disbanded 2013
 • Total 11.33 km2 (4.37 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 10,578
 • Density 930/km2 (2,400/sq mi)

Grijó (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɡɾiˈʒɔ]) is a former civil parish in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. In 2013, the parish merged into the new parish Grijó e Sermonde.[1] The population in 2011 was 10,578,[2] in an area of 11.33 km².[3]

Grijó was the seat of a municipality until the beginning of the 19th century. The municipality was composed of a single parish and, in 1801, had 1,523 inhabitants.


In 10–11 May 1809, in the context of the Peninsular war, the Battle of Grijó took place near the town of Grijó.


Coordinates: 41°02′N 8°35′W / 41.033°N 8.583°W / 41.033; -8.583