Grim Skunk (album)

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Grim Skunk
Studio album by GrimSkunk
Released 1994
Genre Hard rock, Progressive rock, Punk
Length 57:52
Label Indica Records (Canada)
Producer Glen Robinson
GrimSkunk chronology
Grim Skunk

Grim Skunk is the debut album by Quebec hard rock group GrimSkunk released in 1994. Uncle Costa is featured on Martha and a video was made for Silverhead. The songs Don't Hide and Rooftop Killer are rerecorded and rearranged versions from the Fatal Illness days.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Silverhead
  2. In Eight Years
  3. Don't Hide
  4. Mother Of Creation
  5. Martha
  6. Bach In The Moors Of Mars
  7. Look at Yourself
  8. Watchful Elms
  9. Autumn Flowers
  10. Circle Square Triangle
  11. Texas Cult Song
  12. Le dernier jour
  13. Rooftop Killer


Bande à part profile Video of Silverhead