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Grimly Feendish (alias The Rottenest Crook in the World) is a villainous character in the British Wham! and Smash! children's comics from the 1960s. He was created by Leo Baxendale. Grimly's first appearance was in Wham! #4 (11 July 1964, Odhams Press). His goal is, of course, world domination which he attempts to achieve using various monsters and outrageous plot devices such as exploding treacle. The character was revived in 2005 for Alan Moore's six issue series, Albion.

Cultural References[edit]

He was the inspiration for song Grimly Fiendish by punk band The Damned.

The character "Gru" in the new movie Despicable Me is remarkably similar to old Grimly in both looks and pose with both tending to wear black with a scarf wrapped around their necks, and both have comic little monstrous minions with Feendish referring to his as "Squelchies".

Grimly Feendish bears a heavy resemblance to Charles Addams "Uncle Fester" character.

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