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Place of origin Mexico, El Salvador
Main ingredients Quesadillas, meat, cheese
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Gringas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈɡɾiŋɡas], feminine form of gringo) are a variety of tacos which uses as a base a quesadilla,[1] consisting of a flour tortilla filled with cheese (quesadilla), "al pastor" meat (marinated pork) and pineapple slices.[2] This is then grilled in the same manner as a quesadilla. Some say the name appears to come from the dark spots that appear on the white surface of flour tortillas when heated, that resemble freckles on white skin, a "gringa" skin.[citation needed] In general, the name was established from the idea that (wheat) flour tortillas are preferred north of the border. "Las pochas" is the name given to another variation of tacos made in the same manner, but instead of wheat flour tortillas, corn tortillas are used and instead of "al pastor" meat, grilled meat, pork or, less frequently, beef is used.


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