Gripping Sailor's hitch

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Gripping Sailor's Hitch
Category Hitch
Related Sailor's hitch, rolling hitch, Icicle hitch
Releasing Non-jamming
Typical use Tie one rope to another rope, boom, spar, shaft, etc., and pull lengthwise.

The Gripping Sailor's Hitch[Footnote 1] is a secure, jam-proof hitch used to tie one rope to another, or a rope to a pole, boom, spar, etc., when the pull is lengthwise along the object. It will even grip a tapered object, such as a marlin spike, in the direction of taper, similar to the Icicle hitch. It is much superior to the rolling hitch for that purpose.


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  1. ^ Sometimes incorrectly presented under name Sailor's Gripping Hitch. It is a gripping version of the Sailor's Hitch, not a Sailor's version of a (non-existent) Gripping Hitch.