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(Current JCR Executive 2009)
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International Officer Emil 'Norway' Kjolner
International Officer Emil 'Norway' Kjolner
Communications Officer:- Craig 'Insert Nickname Here' Parton
Communications Officer:- Craig 'Hash Brown' Parton
Communications Officer Mike 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' Ruscoe
Communications Officer Mike 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' Ruscoe

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Template:Lancaster College Infobox Grizedale College is a college of the University of Lancaster in Lancashire, England. The college is named after the Grizedale Forest area of Lancashire North of the Sands. When it was built it was situated at the southern extremity of the Bailrigg campus. The development of the south west campus has meant that college is now considered to be one of the more centrally located colleges.


The College houses a bar, junior and senior common rooms, and before the rebuilding of the college, a coffee shop, a laundrette and accommodation.


Grizedale College Quadrangle

|Grizedale was once known as home to some of the smallest rooms on Campus. However, since Michaelmas term 2008/09 Grizedale, or Gz, has been the proud owner of modern, spacious accommodation including 12 person townhouses and 8 person apartments.

Central to the college has always been the college bar, previously known as 'Depravos'. This was home to a number of famous campus events, including the 'Shite' Disco, the Gz Centurion and many many others, getting Grizedale the reputation as the Social College. However, this reputation has taken a knock over the last year with the bar being out of commission, due to renovation. With any luck, 2009/10 should see Gz take back its Crown!


Grizedale Tarn in Grizedale Forest

The official college song, adopted as the result of a vote by the JCR membership, is "Never Forget" as performed by Take That. The college has two mascots - Depravo the rat, the rights to which were granted to the college by Michael Palin and, since 2000, the Grizedale Boar.

Social Events

Grizedale has a reputation as being a sociable college, attracting students from other colleges in the evening for events in Grizedale Bar, such as the "Shite Disco". Traditionally the final song played at the Shite Disco is the official college song.

Current JCR Executive 2009

President:- Charlotte 'Chaz' Ginn

Vice President:- Paul 'Tall Paul' Lynch

General Secretary:- Dan 'Da Vinci' Brown

Treasurer:- Ben 'Ben-jammin' Stanford

Social Secretary:- Jack 'Mohawk' Kenny

Social Secretary:- James 'Captain' Huck

Social Secretary:- Melody 'Twins' Wilson

Mens Equality Welfare + Diversity Officer:- Shimol 'Brown Sugar' Khakar

Women's Equality Welfare + Diversity Officer:- Elaine 'Johnston' Johnston

International Officer Emil 'Norway' Kjolner

Communications Officer:- Craig 'Hash Brown' Parton

Communications Officer Mike 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' Ruscoe

Sports Officer:- James 'Wolverine' Braybrook

Sports Officer:- Neil 'Passoa' Rylander

Past JCR Presidents

  • 2009: Lauren Emery
  • 2008: Peter McGuckin & Mark Dacre / Charlotte (Chaz) Ginn (Acting President); vp Lauren Emery
  • 2007: Shahin S. Arani; vp Zita Duffy
  • 2006: Chris Cottam & Anna Boden; vp Adam Conley
  • 2005: Graeme Poulton; vp JeanPaul Ludig
  • 2004: Dwayne Branch
  • 2003: Andrew Walker
  • 2000: David Couch
  • 1999: Sam Mitchell and Hannah Lever
  • 1997: Rob Massey
  • 1996: Mark Elkins
  • 1994: Rob Checketts
  • 1993: Martin Wright (resigned mid-term)
  • 1991: Neil Gow
  • 1990: Jon Dickinson
  • 1989: Dave Wenzel

Grizedale College has proven itself to be a powerful college in the transition of JCR Executive Presidents to the Student Union with Chris Cottam, Graeme Poulton and Dwayne Branch all successfully running for office.

Grizedale prides itself on the activism of its members, with the former bar depicting the storming of University House in an elaborate mural that lined the stairs to the JCR space. It is expected that once restored to its former glory, the college will once again be one of the most politically vocal on the Campus.