Groß Flottbek

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Flottbek church, built in 1912
Groß Flottbek near Othmarschen station

Groß Flottbek (About this sound German pronunciation ), (Great Flottbek) is a quarter of Hamburg, Germany, in the borough of Altona. It is located in the center of the borough north of the Othmarschen quarter. Near Groß Flottbek, the neighbourhood of Klein Flottbek, which is not an official quarter, can be found. Around 11.000 people live in Groß Flottbek on 2.4 sq km.[1]


Groß Flottbek borders the quarters of Bahrenfeld, Othmarschen, Nienstedten and Osdorf. The Flottbek stream flows through Groß Flottbek and into River Elbe near Teufelsbrück.


Groß Flottbek was first recorded in 1305. Between 1640 and 1866, Flottbek was part of Denmark. Along with Altona, of which it was a part since 1927, Groß Flottbek became a part of Hamburg in 1937/1938 through the Greater Hamburg Act. Today, the quarter is dominated by residential areas and mansions.[1]


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Coordinates: 53°33′55″N 9°52′39″E / 53.5654°N 9.8776°E / 53.5654; 9.8776