Großer Ölberg

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Großer Ölberg
Grosser Oelberg Koenigswinter 2300.jpg
Großer Ölberg
Highest point
Elevation 460 m above sea level (NN) (1,510 ft)
Prominence 200 m ↓ Buchholz[1]
Isolation 22.4 km → North(-northeast) outlier of the Häuschen (Eifel)
Coordinates 50°40′56″N 7°14′54″E / 50.68222°N 7.24833°E / 50.68222; 7.24833Coordinates: 50°40′56″N 7°14′54″E / 50.68222°N 7.24833°E / 50.68222; 7.24833
Siebengebirge Übersichtskarte.png
Location Königswinter-Ittenbach
Parent range Siebengebirge

The Großer Ölberg (also: Oelberg), at 460 metres above sea level, is the highest hill in the Siebengebirge range in Germany. It is located in the borough of Königswinter near the village of Ittenbach and south of a subpeak known as the Kleiner Ölberg (331.7 m above sea level (NN)).

Thanks to the transmission mast on the summit, it is visible from a long way off, for example from the A 3 motorway, and is easily distinguishable from its neighbours. At the summit is a restaurant and observation terrace that offers a very good view of the Siebengebirge as well as the High Eifel, including the Hohe Acht, as well as good views to the west.

The Ölberg in the Siebengebirge with its restaurant


  1. ^ Prominence and isolation by TK 25; wind gap along the Sieg-Wied watershed

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