Großer Daumen

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Großer Daumen
The Großer Daumen from the Entschenkopf
Highest point
Elevation 2,280 m (7,480 ft)[1]
Prominence 354 m ↓ Zeiger Saddle → Großer Wilder
Isolation 6.4 km → Kesselspitze
Coordinates 47°26′29″N 10°22′32″E / 47.44139°N 10.37556°E / 47.44139; 10.37556Coordinates: 47°26′29″N 10°22′32″E / 47.44139°N 10.37556°E / 47.44139; 10.37556
Großer Daumen is located in Bavaria
Großer Daumen
Großer Daumen
Parent range Daumen Group, Allgäu Alps
Easiest route Höfatsblick mountain station – Koblat – southwest flank

The Großer Daumen is a mountain, 2,280 metres (7,480 ft) high,[1] in the Daumen Group of the Allgäu Alps in southern Germany.

Location and area[edit]

Nestling below the Großer Daumen are the small tarns of Laufbichlsee, Koblatsee and Engeratsgundsee.


The Großer Daumen may be ascended on an easy mountain path from Höfatsblick Station on the Nebelhorn Cable Car which is at 1,924 metres (6,312 ft). The peak is also the end point of the Hindelang Klettersteig climbing path, which runs from the Nebelhorn to the Großer Daumen.

Summit cross

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